Perfect Taste Bakery Products: Run for Your Life Essay Sample

1. Yes, because of the personal attachment of the dispatcher to the other five delivery van drivers or the so called “favorite”. The dispatcher knows the five of them personally, so the favor of the dispatcher will obviously into the “favorites”. The general manager must either replace and hire a new dispatcher or discipline him and give the appropriate sanction for the wrong doings of the dispatcher.

2. A. The dispatcher must divide the routes evenly every week and assign it by a different driver regularly. He must not focus on giving the easy routes to his friends or else the complainants may find a way how to extinguish him in his position or something else that will not be good to him. B. The general manager must inform the dispatcher about the complaints about him, or give a warning. If he still does it, the general manager may suspend him for a few days, for the dispatcher to notice that he really is doing something wrong. If he does it again, after being suspended, the general manager can have a good reason to fire the disrespectful dispatcher.