Fibers are aligned in one direction in machine-made paper, making it easy to tear lengthwise
Hot Press Watercolor Paper
Smoother surface than cold press paper
Laid Pattern
The lines left on a paper’s surface from the mold’s screening
Matte Finish
Dull finish (non reflective). Does not have a size applied to give it a sheen.
Pulpy inner lining of a stalk used in paper making (such as that of the papyrus plant)
Rag or ground pulp (organic materials) that is floated in water, then pressed onto a mold
One-twentieth of a ream; 24 or 25 sheets of paper folded together
480 or 500 sheets of paper of the same size and quality
A solution applied for an even surface and to prevent absorption
The texture of a paper that will hold pastels and charcoal
A mark made with a metal wire on the screen of handmade paper
Paper has weights ranging from lightweight to heavier
Paper made in Mexico from the inner bark of special trees, including fig trees
100% cotton paper specifically for watercolor, watermarked, two deckle edges
Banana Paper
Product of Costa Rica; interesting texture
Bark Paper
From the bark of fig and mulberry trees, for printing, collage, drawing, or painting
Absorbent paper allows one to apply a wax-resist then paint over it for a batik effect
Used for detailed pen and ink illustrations and technical pens
Block Printing
Smooth printing paper, coated on one side
Heavy, coarse paper suitable for blotting (fuzzy ink drawings)
Gray, coarse paper suitable for pastel, pencil, and crayon
White, smooth surfaced paper
White or colored paper, matte on one side, shiny on the other; comes in large rolls
Smooth paper for pen and ink, available in mottled parchment, white or cream
Canvas Paper
Heavy paper that has been textured to resemble canvas
Card Stock
Heavyweight paper for greeting cards, stamping, and computer printing
Vividly colored transparent sheets
100% cotton; has a laid pattern for shading with charcoal and pastels
314 hues, tints, and shades available for color layouts, mock-ups, and collage
Heavy, inexpensive, multipurpose colored paper that fades quickly
Two layered sheet of white over black; remove top layer with an art knife
Brightly colored wavy-ridged paper paper to add texture for masks, collages, signs, and bulletin boards
Crepe Paper
Slightly wrinkled stretchy paper; for a wide variety of decorating and craft uses
All-purpose white paper suitable for wet and dry media
Elephant Dung Paper
Odorless, processed paper comes in a variety of colors and textures
Paper that has a texture imprinted while it was wet
Heavy paper that must be dampened for etching
Light or heavy imported paper for pencil, paint, ink or etching
Brilliantly colored sun-resistant paper
Fadeless Duet
Paper that has a different bright color on each side and is sun-resistant
Finger Paint
Medium weight paper with one side very slick
Metallic paper that can be used to accent a composition
Non-reproducing blue line cross-sections in grid sizes 1/4, 1/2, and 1 inch thick
Coated with graphite on one side for use in tracing
Gummed on the back
Fine imported paper for charcoal, pastel, crayon, Conté
Treated paper in matte or gloss finish for digital photos or illustrations
Roll paper in tan, colors, or white that has a smooth and rough side
Laid paper
In handmade paper, the surface has parallel lines from the wires that supported the paper; modern laid papers give an ideal surface (tooth) for pastels
Manila Drawing
Buff-colored, coarse, inexpensive paper, mostly for dry media
Paper that has richly patterned color on one side; originally used in book binding
Metal Foil
One side coated with foil; comes in a variety of colors
Translucent paper made from the inner fiber of the mulberry
Shiny, reflective plastic that comes in vivid colors; also comes in clear sheets that are textured on one side to hold a watercolor design
Neon Fluorescent Art
Neon colors for drawing, charcoal, copy machine art
Rough textured wood pulp surface for pencil, pastel, or charcoal; yellows and becomes brittle quickly (unsuitable for final work)
Non Carcinogenic
Safe for use with children
Safe for use with children
Oak Tag (Tag Board)
Many colors, smooth surface, strong; suitable for portfolios and sculpture
Textured cream finish suitable for pastels, chalk, charcoal, and watercolor
Onion Skin
Very thin unglazed tracing paper
Squares of smooth, colored, lightweight paper, normally white on one side
Thin strips of plant stalk from papyrus laid in horizontal and vertical layers
Paper for calligraphy; originally parchment was made from sheep or goatskin
Paper with rough or smooth surfaces that have tooth to hold pastels
Postcard Blanks
2-ply Bristol board, 4×6 inches
Paper that contains all or part recycled pulp
Silicone-treated paper; resistant to heat; for use in laminating and dry mounting
Textured, white, smooth, translucent paper made from the stems and branches of a plant/tree
Rives© Paper
Fine printmaking paper made in France
Paper that has been coated with black, white, silver or gold; design is scratched through the black surface to reveal the undercoat (might be multicolored)
Heavy roll paper in extra wide widths for use as photographic backdrops
Lightweight, tear resistant paper with smooth, matte black finish on one side
Stencil Paper
Heavy oiled or waxed surface that will cut easily and hold an edge
Comes in many colors and surface treatments such as plain, waxed or pearlized
Smooth-surfaced translucent paper
Rag content, transparent, smooth, and strong; originally made from calfskin
Rough-textured paper used for watercolor, comes in weights from 72-400 (thickest); this surface will accept a variety of watercolor techniques
White opaque form of polypropylene that accepts watercolor and marker; useful for monotype printmaking because it can be wiped clean and reused
A layer (referring to cardboard and mount board). Can range from single-ply to 24-ply. The higher the number the thicker the board. 14-ply is good for matting photographs or paintings. Most schools use 6-ply for normal matting. Inexpensive precut mats are 4-ply
Archival Mount Board
Acid-free, neutral pH mount board for protection of fine art work and photographs
Bristol board
100% cotton fiber, acid-free; for pencil, charcoal, pastel, washes, gouache
Rough, uncoated gray to black board ranging from medium to heavy weight
Cold Press
Illustration board with a toothy surface
Corrugated Board
Light, varicolored, corrugated on one side, mounted on white
Display Boards
Heavy-duty poster board with a laminated middle for extra strength and rigidity
Fadeless Art Board
Fade-resistant board for sculpture, posters, and other uses
Foam Board
Polystyrene smooth cardboard-like thickness, laminated on both sides with white or colored paper
Hot Press
Smooth surface illustration board
Illustration Board
Heavy quality board for commercial art, for pen and ink, and mounting
Mounting Board (Mat Board)
Heavy 14-ply suitable for photographs; smooth or pebbled
Poster Board
Varocolored 5-14 ply; suitable for all media
Railroad Board
Smooth, Bristol-type board, brightly colored or white, 2-, 4-, and 6-ply
Board coated with white china clay, then coated (usually) with black ink
Stipple Board
White drawing board with a stipled texture
Tag Board
Cream colored cardboard that is used for shipping tags, also for file folders; comes in many sizes; also known as oak tag
Acid Free
pH neutral paper
Cold Press Watercolor Paper
Rougher surface than hot press paper
Cotton Linter
Sheets of pressed ground cotton; these may be torn and reground for pulp
Cotton or Rag Paper
Paper may have 100% or partial rag content mixed with paper pulp
A frame around the edges of a paper making mold
Deckle Edges
The rough edges left on the paper when the deckle is removed from the screen mold