In this paper I will be doing an analysis on President Obama’s Health Care Plan. I will discuss some of the major issues, the costs, and how the plan will be funded. I will also be listing some of the major pros and cons that are relate to the plan, involving the quality of care, access to care and how the costs will affect everyone involved. Other things that I will also be covering are the unintended consequences and the potential response of health care providers, health care consumers and health care payers. At the end I will articulate my position and personal feelings regarding the Obama Health Care Plan.

President Obama’s Health Care Plan 3 President Obama’s Health Care Plan The United States spends more than other nations when it comes to health care. This could be a result of wasteful and inefficient spending. It is a concern that we will face budget strain, especially due to the Baby Boomer generation. Employers offering health insurance to their employees has been declining and the costs of the insurance programs are rising. Even though some people that are employed have insurance, the insurance company varies on the coverage they provide.

We really need to look at our health care system and target the issues that are causing waste in the way we spend our money. Our quality of care needs to be better and we have to find ways that will help make it better. Providing high quality of care and reducing patient mortality rates is a must. Below I will be discussing the Obama Care plan and how it plans to address and take care of some of the major issues we are facing when it comes to our health care system. The Obama Health Care Plan is also known as Obama Care Plan. The plan was developed

in order to reform health care in the United States. It aimed to reform our health care system so that we could treat and help the people who did not have the proper health care insurance. On March 23, 2010 President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care. The Bill aimed to reform the way we wastefully spend money, programs that do not work, and give people more rights in order to obtain health care insurance.

President Obama wanted to reduce the amount we spend in health care, provide more coverage, therefore President Obama’s Health Care Plan making it easier for people to be able to seek and receive medical attention. One of the things the program has been able to achieve is that health insurance companies can’t drop you of the coverage just because you get sick or have condition that was already pre-existing and that the companies cover preventative eservices. Obama Care has made significant cuts in Medicare waist and it has given it back to Medicare in order to improve senior citizen’s care. Medicaid was expanded to the poor. President Obama wanted to make sure that all Americans are provided affordable health insurance.

Obama Care is not meant to replace Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance companies. The plan had the largest middle-class tax cut for health care, which would reduce the premium costs for small business owners and families. Obama Care wanted to close the doughnut hole coverage gap that existed in Medicare’s prescription drugs. Obama’s plan will cover people by either private insurance or public insurance. Obama’s health care plan will mostly be covered by sections in the Affordable Care Act. I will list some of the measures that will help pay for the health care reform.

First, businesses and families will have to pay an additional . 9% tax on taxable income and 3. 8% on capital gains exceeding $200/$250K (http://www. obamacarefacts. com). Medicare’s budget will be cut by $716 billion, which is money that is being generated by cutting waste. The money will go back in to Medicare, Medicaid and the health care industry. There is a $63 dollar fee on insurance plans that will cover high-risk pools with pre-existing conditions (http://www. obamacarefacts. com). Other money will come from taxes the health care industry.

Small businesses will have to pay a penalty if they do not choose to provide their employees with affordable health care. Individuals President Obama’s Health Care Plan 5 will have to pay a tax penalty if they do not want to purchase insurance in order to help offset the costs. There are several pros to the Obama Care plan. People with low-income will see more pros than cons when it comes to Obama Care, especially those that have no insurance. Over 15 million people that were uninsured will now be covered by Medicaid’s expansion (http://www. obamacarefacts. com). Senior citizens will enjoy several reforms made to Medicare.

Some of the pros include the closing of the donut hole and the expansion of benefits and coverage options. One of the reforms included the advantage of no out of pocket costs for visits that involve wellness and preventative visits. Small businesses that have fewer than 25 employees will be able to take advantage of tax credits, therefore being able to provide health benefits to their workers. Women will also be able to benefit from the plan, since many of the new benefits require that they have no out of pocket payments. They will also have more access to services such as preventative and wellness care.

Medicare will start rewarding providers and hospitals for their quality of service, not the quantity of services they provide. Citizens who are happy with their insurance plan will not have to change it. The quality of care will improve because there are going to be incentives such as rewarding hospitals and providers for the quality of care they provide their patients. Quality of care will be greater also because the number of people that are uninsured will decline significantly. The plan also requires hospitals and providers to report measures in the costs of health care and the quality.

President Obama’s Health Care Plan 6 Obama Care significantly increases the access to care. The plan is going to provide access to millions of uninsured people that could not afford it. Under Obama Care, most young adults that can’t get coverage through their work can stay on their parents plan until they are 26 years of age. The plan allows people with pre-existing conditions to gain access to health coverage and lowers the costs. It is estimated that over 50,000 Americans have already gained access to coverage, therefore eliminating discrimination for pre-existing conditions.

Senior citizens will be able to receive free preventative services. Medicare Advantage plan members increased by 17 percent, while the premiums for the plan dropped by 16 percent. Obama care will affect consumer, taxpayers, insurance companies and other payers in some way or another to a certain extent. Obama Care will provide many Americans with tax breaks when they purchase health insurance through the online insurance marketplaces. Obama hopes that this will help ensure access to quality care at affordable prices. The amount you pay will be based on the income you make.

Rebates will be provided to people who spend a certain amount of premiums on medical care. Most people will have to pay insurance or they will have to pay a penalty if they do not choose to. People who earn more than $200,000 will see a tax increase. Obama Care will impose taxes and fees on drug companies, health insurance companies and medical device manufacturers. If an employer has a company with over fifty employees, it will have to insure its people. If they do not ensure their employees, they will have to pay a penalty. President Obama’s Health Care Plan 7

Companies with less than twenty-five full time employees and with less than a $50,000 income will be able to apply for tax credits (http://www. obamacarefacts. com). Quality of care will improve under the Obama Care plan. Providers who treat patient under the plan will be rewarded by achieving performance thresholds and not by the volume of services provided. Obama plans on promoting patient safety by requiring providers to report preventable medical errors. He will also require providers that participate in the plan, to use proven disease management programs.

Doctors will be provided with better information, therefore improving the quality of care for their patients. The Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program, which was created under the Affordable Care Act, will provide hospitals with incentive payments based on their performance through quality measures. This program will encourage hospitals to continuously strive to improve the way they deliver health care services. This will provide patients an opportunity to participate in decisions regarding their treatment, since the program will look at how well the patient feels they are being treated.

As with anything, there are also cons to Obama Care. Seniors have been faced with a reduction in Medicare advantage, payments to home health care and Medicare hospital payments due to the reform. Taxes on small businesses might cause some employers to decrease their employees work hours or even stop hiring in order not to insure their workers full time or having to pay a fine. The access to care might be harder due to having a lot more people now insured, but not having enough providers and health care professionals. Most consumers will have to pay for insurance and if they choose not to, they will have to pay a penalty.

Increased coverage President Obama’s Health Care Plan 8 might increase health care costs. Taxes will be raised. Cadillac insurances will be taxed 40% excise taxes (http://www. obamacarefacts. com). Some employees might loose their health insurance. If the insurance they have doesn’t meet the standards they will have to find another insurance company. Some of the unintended consequence of Obama Care could involve employers not offering health care plans, and will instead pay for the tax per employee since it will be cheaper than paying the insurance premiums.

This would mean that people that had insurance through their employer, and would no longer be covered. Employers may also resort to taking their full time employees and making them part time so they do not have to pay. In turn, this will affect workers and their benefits. Tax changes might also have an impact and affect people with lower incomes. Health care providers have different opinions on the plan. There are several physicians groups that support the Affordable care act because they believe that it will improve the health care of the patients.

They believe than in order to repair our health care system, we need to benefit all Americans. They like the fact that the Affordable care act is supporting lower income families by changing the enrollment of insurance in order to allow most Americans to enjoy the benefits of having health insurance. They believe that the act lets them focus on the patient while improving their health and wellness, rather than worrying about the barriers they are faced with when it comes to patient care. Other physicians disagree and believe that it will become a problem because of the increase in demand.

They believe that there will be more patients and President Obama’s Health Care Plan 9 fewer providers. Some Hospitals believe that there will be a problem with overcrowding of patients in the emergency room since we will be insuring more people. Other hospitals believe they will see a reduction in their debt and a reduction in the hospitals charity case loads. Most of the health care consumers will be happy with the plan, especially since it is going to make it more accessible and affordable. Several uninsured people are able to be covered now, due to the new Pre-Existing Condition insurance plan.

There are several millions of people that are being able to take advantage through the Obama Care plan. Insured people will be better protected from discriminatory insurance practices. They will no longer have to worry about being dropped of their coverage if they become sick. Medicare plan now covers preventative services at no cost to the consumer. The current health payers will have several different reactions to Obama Care. Some employers will look at cutting their employees hours below 30 hours in order for them not to be considered full time employees and not have to pay a fine.

Other employers have not decided to do the same and have expressed that they will continue to provide insurance for their employees. Insurance companies are not sure whether they want Obama Care or not. Some agree with it and believe in increasing the access to health insurance coverage. Others believe it will raise costs. President Obama is trying to improve the situation that our country is being faced with, especially in a time were our economy is in a state of crisis. I like the fact that he is being ambitious and is actually willing to try and do something to help our health care system and has the best interests of our nation.

I believe that the Obama health care plan has many components President Obama’s Health Care Plan 10 that will effectively help us address the issues we are facing in our health care system. Is it a perfect plan? Probably not, but at least he is willing to give it a try. Our system right now is very expensive, doesn’t provide enough coverage and is inadequate. I believe this plan will help with expanding health care coverage, increasing access to care and increasing the affordability, while reducing the growth in health expenditures. I like the fact that Obama is trying to provide quality and affordable health coverage for everyone.

I love the fact that doctors and hospitals will be reimbursed on the outcome of their patients. I believe that this will focus more on providing better patient care and better outcomes on the patient’s overall health. Paying doctors and hospitals for performing more procedures and not helping out patients is not the way we should go about in performing our services. Providing patients with regular screenings and healthy lifestyle information can help reduce the expenses of taking care of an individual with an illness that will cost thousands of dollars.

Focusing on preventative services will not only save us money, but it will also improve the patient’s health. The preventative screenings and visits are going to be covered by the insurance company, and patients will not have to pay any out of pocket expenses. I think that it is a great idea to make all Americans eligible for coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions. Senior citizens will be able to receive discounts on their prescriptions, therefore saving money in the long run.

With Obama Care insurance companies have to spend most of their premiums on the individual’s health care, if the companies do not do this, they will have to give rebate checks to the people. I think this makes them stop spending the money the wrong way, and ensures the patient receives the proper health care they deserve. Young people are now able to stay on their family’s coverage until the age of 26, before Obama President Obama’s Health Care Plan 11 Care they were released from their parents insurance at the age of 18.

One major benefit that I believe comes from the plan is the fact that there will be a group established, which the government doesn’t control, who will study different treatments in order to see which one work best and start using those treatments. Insurance companies can no longer tell people that they have reached a limit in their coverage and drop them. They also can’t drop an individual because they become sick. I support the Obama health care plan and believe it can do more good than harm. But like anything else only time will tell. I don’t think it will fix all of our problems, but it’s a start.