The candlestick making was allocated for two conferences, and one conference for the advertising seminar. As quickly as our 3 meetings were carried out, it was period for the Existence Skills Seminar to do their component. Since it was not our group or we did not have any jobs to be carried out, we were asked as the audience and participants of the several activites held. All of us had three workshops from the Existence Skills group, specifically: Stress Management Workshop, Financial Seminar, and Communications Seminar.

I may declare we have learned a great deal from those 3 seminars, and also the sponsor families. Now that our community publicity is done, this is fairly sad because we have learned a lot from the host families and we hope they have learned something from us as well. We must admit that it was a little hassle to wake up early just to go to our CWTS class but during the last meeting, when both the students and host families had to deliberate, when the host families said that we, students, inspired them, it is very touching.

They said that we showed them that the stereotypical outlooks on Lasallians are not true and that we cared for other people. It was nice to hear this from them because this is exactly what we wanted to show. Not every Lasallian is classy and we are just normal individuals as well. I could say that we will leave this course and that community with beautiful remembrances, new learnings, and a brand new family. CWTS will be skipped and it was a fun trip.