My most memorable moment was about seven years ago. This most memorable moment was when my brother got knocked down; I was still in primary school at the time. I arrived home on a Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 it was just like a normally day for me. I got home, went in don’t my home work and went out to play but before I went out I realised that my brother was usually home by this time. My mummy was in the kitchen she was getting worried it was only his 2nd week at St Mary’s so it was a long distance from my house. It was just past half past four when the principal of St Mary’s rang my house.

My mum answered and the voice on the other end sounded tense and worried, I’m sorry but I have some bad news your son has been knocked down. My mum just dropped the phone and started to cry uncontrollably. I innocently asked what was wrong, she didn’t answer. I picked up the phone and I asked what had happened he then me told about the incident. (St Mary’s principle) He told me to tell my mum to get shorted and he would pick her up in half an hour because my dad was away for a week for work. I was sent to my next door neighbours while my mum went to the hospital.

When my mum got to the hospital she was told to sit in the waiting area my brother had just been brought in with serious head injuries he was very badly injured. A long hour later the doctor came out and told my mum that my brother had serious head injuries and that he was in a coma. By this time my granny and grandad were there every one was in shock and in a terrible state. The doctors let my mum in to see my brother. She said it was the most frightening thing that she has had to ever do. There was tubes everywhere on his body he was hocked up to all sorts of machines. My mum looked like she had seen a ghost.

I was in total shock. I was off school for a week my brothers accident really hurt me. When I finally got back in to school a week later, my mum still had not let me go down and see him because of the state he was in. When I got in to school a boy in my class had been telling everyone that he had died that they had turned the life support machine off. He mistakenly tried to tell me this. I hit him and pushed this boy through a window I got suspended for 2 weeks. That night when I got home I had to go down to see my brother because I had to make sure that he was ok. My mum took me down that night.

When I arrived my aunts, uncles and everyone was there to see him. When I went I took one look at him and run I just couldn’t see him this way it was too much I couldn’t take it. 1 When I got outside I just burst in to tears. I just didn’t like seeing him this way I had to get my auntie to take me home. That weekend I had built up the corpses to go back courage down to visit him. He had been moved out of intensive care and into a word on his own. I liked it a lot better that up in intensive care because there were not as much tubes or machines. He was able to breathe on his own now.

The doctor was very surprised with his progress the doctor told us when he came back from his weekend off he would be surprised if Matthew was still a live. When he told us this the doctor was lucky he was still alive my mum was going to kill him because he wanted to turn off the life support machine but my mum refused to let them do this. There was no way she was going to let her son die. Three months later Matthew was still in a coma no one knew when he was going to wake up. Another nine months later he opened his eyes. It was like the best thing to ever happen to me and my family just to see him wake up.

When he woke up no one new if he recognised any of us. It was five weeks and two days later when he said his first word MUMMY. My mum just cried with joy. After one year, three months and one day he was a loud to come home. Matthew still had to go back to hospital twice a week for physical treatment and for brain sconces to see if his head injuries had got better from when he was in hospital. Matthew is doing well now he is still unable to walk but is living a great life he has a girlfriend now and is very happy. My mum and dad are just so happy that he is alive and they think God every day for helping him through his rough times.