My Life As A Student Essay Sample

I have always tried to get good grades in school. Over the years, school felt like everything gets harder, but when you think back at it, it feels like it was the easiest thing to do. As a kid I have always loved school and I would know every day that the next day, I would learn something new and exciting. I still love to learn new things but, when I was in middle school, I thought high school was going to be a walk in the park. But it wasn’t, it became more realistic and you have to put extra work and effort to get really good grades. Up until high school, I have grown to be a perfectionist, yet I feel like my life revolves around homework and I have no free time to relax and hang out with my friends, and I need to work on being involved with school and during class,

When I was a little kid, I have always wanted everything to be perfect, from projects to homework. It has grown to be an everyday thing for me, even if it was just to fix a crooked line. When it comes to my room or my house, every little thing has always get to me when it is out of place. My older sister has always been pretty messy even when I fix it or organize her room, all her possessions still gets misplaced or really messy. I have always hated when I don’t turn in my work on time and it irritates me throughout the day. I always have to follow the directions, which I am very open and flexible with, for the projects or else everything just doesn’t seem right to me.

I get loads of homework now that I am in high school. I am currently taking five honors classes, but I always like a good challenge and I think I would be able to handle it. Since I take honors classes, it takes a lot of commitment and responsibility to juggle all the work. I am trying to get extraordinary grades for this school year, but it feels like I don’t get to hang out with my friends because of all the work I have to get done. It seems like that I only get to see them during lunch or if they are in some of my classes, but that is it. During summers, I am usually volunteering somewhere for five days a week or I have a camp or a program to do and I don’t have any time to hang out with my best friends. This year I am going trying really hard to make time for my best friends and do marvelous during this school year.

This year I really want to be more engaged during class. I have a feeling that I don’t offer my opinions that often or answer questions when the teacher asks. That is one of my goals for this school year, but if I just listen, I learn a lot from it. I try to ask more questions during class too because I have teachers from previous years telling me it is okay to ask questions or if I am not comfortable asking it during class I should come to them after class and ask it. It has helped me and it made me learn more than usual if I ask questions, but being more engaged would help me learn even more than just sitting back and being a bystander.

I want to accomplish so much for this school year but it will take a lot of commitment to reach those goals. I have grown to be a perfectionist throughout my childhood and also trying to be the best student possible, but I don’t want my life revolve around homework. I want to be able to take a break from homework and school for a while and hang with my friends. I also need to ask more questions during class and be involved as much as possible. People has been saying that high school will be the best four years of your life, but it hasn’t been so great. I have been so stressed ever since I have started high school. I constantly have to stay up late and waking up at two in the morning and I don’t get enough sleep. I am doing my best to stay organized and turn in all my stuff on time. I don’t want to have school work control me. Yes, school, homework, and studying for a test is important, but I need to take some time to just relax and hang out with my friends and let loose for a little bit.