My hero is Rajon Rondo. He is a basketball player for the Boston Celtics and he plays starting Point Guard. He was born on February 22 1986 (age 24), in Louisville, Kentucky. He is 6 ft 1 inches and has been playing in the NBA since 2006. The Phoenix Suns drafted him and has since been traded to Boston where he won his first title in 2008. He went to Kentucky for university and then went straight to the NBA as the 26th pick in the first draft. Since he was drafted in 2006, Rajon has made the Playoffs three times and has lead the league in steals for the past consecutive two years.

He even organized a deal with Red Bull so that every time he recorded a steal, they would donate 500 dollars to charity. He has made the all-star team for the past two years and has also played well for team USA to help them win a title in the Olympics. Apart from the Olympics, he lead his team to go to the finals in the 2009/2010 NBA season. Rajon, as you know, was born in Kentucky but when he was drafted he moved to Phoenix and then to Boston, which is where he currently resides. Though he is not married he lives with friends and family.

Living in Boston helps him get to practice and home games easily. Rajon is important to me for many reasons. He plays point guard, which is the position I play as well and I admire his skill and talent as well as specifics of his game play. These consist of his speed, passing ability, stealing ability, and his ball handling ability. As for his speed; I love how able he is to zoom past opponents and then cut straight to the basket to get points. Also, he is able to change gears so quickly and switch hands when dribbling.

He generates at least 14 points on average per game, and the majority of these points are from him driving down the lane and right past the other team so he can do a speedy lay up. He can also use his quickness to dunk. For a 6,1 guard, the dunking ability is incredibly impressive, as he is one of the only small guards in the league who has great dunking ability. His passing ability is probably is what he is most well known for. There are countless clips of Rajon throwing the ball behind, over, under, and around the other team to his teammates to get an assist.

He gets tons of assists each game and though they are less recognized they display sportsmanship and also smart play. When Rondo is not scoring he is most definitely passing. If you were able to ask his teammates (which has been done in many interviews) about his passing technique they would tell you how talented he is and how he is able to pass the ball without looking at where he is passing. This technique is called the “no-look pass”. It is very hard to execute and very flashy. Rajon Rondo has been the leader in steals for the past two years.

This in itself is very impressive, but what is even more impressive is that he is averaging over 5 steals a game. Though this does not seem like a huge number, when you factor in the number of assists and points he gets as well, five steals a game becomes a very impressive number. During the finals of 2009/10 he stole the ball from Kobe Bryant and hit a three to tie the game. Even though they didn’t win, Rondo showed incredible leadership. Not only is Rajon feared for his speed, he is highly feared for his stealing ability, which helps him bring an intimidating aspect to his game.

Rondo is known for many things but one thing that he is not mentioned for very much is ball-handling ability. Even though he can be quick, he can apply his ball-handling ability to get past his opponents sleekly and quickly. All in all I believe Rajon Rondo is an inspiration to me and his athletic and basketball ability have forced me to become a better basketball player and also a better athlete in general. One day I would like to get to a level that Rajon is at right now. “I want the ball in my hands at the end of the game. I want to make something happen. ”