My training program; Bench – Tricep dips Mat- Sit ups and press ups Warm Up It is important to warm up before exercise. Warming up simply by stretching ensures that you prevent a chance of damage during exercise. Plus it allows you to be actually and mentally ready for the activity as it inspires you. You can find three levels to a quick warm up, an cardio exercise phase, a stretch and flexibility phase, and after that a skills and intensive exercise. A warm up ought to be suitable for the sport that the participant is about to enjoy. The gradual increase associated with stress on the entire body reduces the opportunity of damage, and the pulse plus body temperature are elevated to nearer the operating rate.

Typically the changes to the human body as a result of increased temperatures up are that typically the body systems, muscles and joints gradually become utilized to working harder. Likewise, by concentrating in warm up activities there is a chance that an individual could gain an benefit on your opposition with a better start to the match. There are different types of stretches that can be involved in a warm up. There are stationary, assisted, and dynamic exercises. Static- easing the muscle tissue into the stretched posture and holding it with regard to 10-15 seconds. Assisted- any time the action is affected by pushing against the friend or a walls. Dynamic- by moving in to the stretch position plus ‘ bouncing’ the muscle tissue.