Middle East study Guide

The war that began because of the invasion of Kuwait?
The Persian Gulf War
The natural resources in the Middle East have an uneven distribution. The Middle East has plenty
of ___________________ but very little ___________________.
Oil, Water.
Islam is split into the following two main sects ________________ and _______________.
Sunni & Shia.
_______________ makes up 90% of Islam followers. __________________ is 10% of Islam
90% Sunni: 10% Shia.
Which group believes that only blood relatives of Mohammed have a right to lead Islam?
What is the sacred book of each of the 3 major religions?
a. religion_________________ – book ___________________
b. religion_________________ – book ___________________
c. religion_________________ – book ___________________
Christanity: Holy Bible, Judism: Torah, Isalm: Qur’an.
13. Judaism began with this person; his descendants are known as Jews.
14. _______________ means a belief in one God. All 3 religions we are studying believe in one God.
Believers of Islam want to make a pilgrimage to _______________ at least ____________ in their
Mecca: one
_______________ This person is the messenger of Allah.
_______________ This group of Muslims believe that leaders of Islam can be elected. They do
NOT have to be blood related to Mohammed.
___________________ is a major source of conflict & war in this area.
Describe what each of the 5 Pillars of Islam mean for the people that follow those religious
Fasting During Ramadan, Pray 5 times a day towards Mecca, Give to the poor & needy, They believe in one god, Pilgrimge to Mecca.
What is Zionism?
A movement that encourged jews to return to Palestine, the jewish homeland which they call, Zion.
What is the root of the religious issue concerning the historical ownership of the
Jews thought that Palestine was promised to them by god.
What is the difference between ethnic and religious groups?
Ethnic Groups share common characteristics: cuture, language, location, & religious groups share common beliefs.
What is the nomadic ethnic group?
What is the dominant religion of the ME?
What kind of gov’t does Iran have?____________ Israel? ________________
Saudi Arabia?_____________
Iran: Theocratic Republic, Israel: Parlimetary Democracy, Saudia Arabia: Constitutional Monarchy
What does Turkey produce?_________________________ Israel?_________________
Saudi Arabia?________
Turkey: Service Manufacturing, Israel: High Tech Manufacturing & financial services, Saudia Arabia: Oil.
What type of economy does Turkey have?____________ Israel?_______________ Saudi
Turkey: Traditional, Israel: Market, Saudia Arabia: Command.
When did the UN impose an embargo after the Persian Gulf War?
Restrict trade with Iraq until they met UN requirements.
What three major religions originated in the Middle East?
Christanity, Judism, and Islam.
What caused the Ottoman Empire to become weaken and eventually collapse? (there are several
Many Wars- Bankruptcy, could’nt keep up with Europe.
___________________ produces the most oil in this region.
Saudia Arabia
The Ottoman Empire is now present day ______________________ (country).
What is OPEC and what is its purpose?
The Oragization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. It decides the amount and price of the oil produced.
What was the Iran/Iraq War fought about?
Ownership of oil, rich territory.

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