A _____ is a separate area of a window.
The term that commonly refers to a computer program installed on your computer that requires a computer operating system to run is a:
Desktop app.
The ____ displays Microsoft Office Backstage view.
File Tab
The _____ displays buttons to perform frequently used commands.
Quick Access Toolbar
The _____ feature is the fastest way to search for an app on your computer.
Start Search
The primary method of entering information into your computer is the:
A blinking vertical line that indicates where a text will be inserted is called the:
Insertion Point
A shortcut menu displays:
Context-sensitive Commands
A keyboard ____ is a key or combination of keys that performs a task that would otherwise require a mouse.
The _____ displays commands that are commonly used with the selected object and fades from view when the mouse pointer is moved away.
Mini Toolbar
A _____ is a small window that contains options for completing a task.
Dialog Box
A round button that enables you to make one selection from among several choices is called a:
Option Button
An Office feature that displays a list of potential results is a:
Microsoft Office’s centralized space for tasks related to file management is called:
Backstage View
Details about a file that describe or identify it are called:
Document Properties
_____ dialog boxes are provided by the windows programming interface and appears in the same manner in all office programs.
A file that is marked as _____ cannot be modified or deleted.
Using the _____ dialog box, you can navigate to and open an existing file created using the same program.
The term that refers to working with others as a team in an intellectual endeavor to complete a shared task or achieve goal is called:
Screen Tip that displays additional useful and descriptive information about a command called:
The _____ dialog box enables you to select program settings and set other preferences.
The _____ enables you to copy the formatting of specific text and apply it to other locations in the document.
Format Painter
The Word feature that determines whether the next word in the line will fit within the established right margin is called:
Which of the following is the default font in Word 2013:
Which of the following is a correct statement about rotation handles:
A rotation handle rotates a graphic to any angle
Which of the following best describes an inline object:
An object that acts like a character in a sentence
The feature that reflows text as you move or size an object so that you view the placement of surrounding text is:
Live Layout
Which of the following is a small movable container for text or graphics:
Text Box
Lines, arrows, callouts, and banners are examples of:
Which of the following refers to a graphic that can be moved independently of the surrounding text:
Floating object
To set the first line indent at the beginning of a paragraph, a user should:
Use the First Line Indent in the Paragraph dialog box
Which of the following refers to the placement of paragraph text relative to the left and right margins:
Which of the following is the default line spacing in Microsoft Word 2013:
Which of the following is the default paragraph alignment in Word:
Align left
Which keyboard shortcut is used to select the entire document:
In order to change the spacing before or after a paragraph, use the spin boxes located:
In the paragraph group on the Page Layout Tab
Which of the following is the distance between lines of text in a paragraph:
Line spacing
Text symbols such as small circles or check marks that introduce each item in a list are referred to as:
The Formatting mark that represents a tab is a:
A character that creates a solid, dotted, or dashed line that fills the space to the left of a tab character is referred to as a :
Leader Character
The Primary editing view in PowerPoint where the user can write and design presentation:
Normal View
When PowerPoint displays a new presentation, the user is presented with one slide, the ____ slide.
PowerPoint’s _____ is displayed below the slide pane and provides an are for the user to enter information concerning the active slide:
Notes Page
`A larger image of the active slide is displayed is the:
Slide Pane
The PowerPoint _____ allows you to control the look of the presentation window with a set of commands:
View Buttons
The Zoom_____ zooms the slide displayed in the Slide pane:
A _____ is a box on a slide with dashed or dotted borders that holds titles and body text, or other content such as charts, tables, or pictures:
Place Holder
A set of unified design elements that provides a look for a presentation by applying colors, fonts, and effects is called:
A _____ is the arrangement of elements, such as a title and subtitle text, lists, pictures, tables, charts, shapes, and movies on a slide:
_____ are used to organize text and are identified by the bullet style, indentation, and the size of the text:
List Levels
Increasing the list level of a bullet point:
Increases its indent and decreases the text size
When _____ surround a picture, the user knows that the picture is selected and can be modified or formatted:
Sizing Handles
The ____ displays above the selected picture and provides a way to rotate the image:
Rotation handle
Pictures can be made to look like sketches or paintings by applying:
Artistic effects
A _____ is displayed after the last slide of the presentation and indicates that the presentation is over:
Black slide
The feature in which the full-screen slide show displays on one monitor while simultaneously enabling the presenter to view a preview of the next slide is _____ view:
Printed images of slides on a piece of paper are called:
Slide handouts
_____ are printouts that show the slide image on the top of the page and the notes that have been created on the bottom of the page:
Notes pages
The default aspect ratio in PowerPoint 2013 is 16:9, resulting in a _____:
Changing the appearance of the text, layout, and design of a slide is called:
Each PowerPoint theme includes several _____, variations on the theme style and color:
The horizontal placement of text within a placeholder is called:
Text alignment
Left, right, centered, and justified are examples of:
Text alignments
A title slide contains two placeholder elements:
The title and the subtitle
_____ displays thumbnails of all the slides and presentation:
Slide Sorter View
_____ can be used to rearrange and delete slides and to apply formatting to multiple slides at one time:
Slide Sorter View
The motion effects that occur when moving from one slide to the next during a presentation are called:
Slide transitions
PowerPoint’s _____ displays a presentation in a similar manner to a slide show, but the taskbar, title bar, and status bar remain visible in the presentation window:
Reading View
An Excel document is called a:
The individual pages of an Excel document are called
A _____ is formatted as a pattern of uniformly spaced horizontal rows and vertical columns:
In the _____ you can enter a value or a formula or edit a value or formula in the active cell:
Formula Bar
A _____ identifies a worksheet in a workbook:
Sheet Tab
The _____ displays the name of the selected cell, table, chart, or object:
Name Box
The current cell mode, the page number, and the view and zoom button display on the:
Status Bar
A text value is also referred to as a:
The _____, when outlined in black, indicates it is ready to accept data:
Active cell
_____ generates and extends a series of values into adjacent cells based on the value of other cells:
Auto Complete
The small black square in the lower right corner or a selected cell is called the:
Fill handle
A group of items that come one after another in succession is called:
A series
Two or more cells that Excel treats as a single unit is called a:
The data you see in a cell is called the:
Displayed value
The Formula Bar displays the data known as the:
Underlying value
A prewritten formula known as a _____ looks at one or more values, performs an operation, and returns a value:
All Excel formulas begin with:
Excel’s _____ command creates one cell form the selected cells and centers the contents within the new cell:
Merge and center
The _____ inserts a thousand comma separator when appropriate, inserts a fixed U.S. dollar sign aligned to the left edge of the cell, applies two decimal places, and provides space for negative numbers to be displayed inside of parentheses:
Accounting number format
Tiny charts embedded in cells that show a visual trend alongside the data are called:
On an Excel chart, the _____ identifies the patterns or colors that are assigned to all the categories in the chart:
Charted values that originate in a worksheet are called:
Data Points
A data marker, such as a column, dot, or pie slice on a chart, represents a single:
Data point
In an Excel chart, a _____ is made up of related data points:
Data series
To widen a column to fir the cell content of the widest cell in the column, use:
To center worksheet data horizontally and vertically on a page, use the _____:
Page setup
Which is the Excel operator for exponentiation:
Absolute cell references are indicated by using what symbol in the cell address:
In a cell that contains a formula, the _____ visually indicates which workbook cells are included in a formula calculation:
Range finder
A collection of information, such as a Microsoft Word document, stored on a computer under a single name is a:
A Container where files are stored is a:
The File Explorer Program enables you to______ the organizing structure of Windows.
The Screen in Windows that stimulates a work area is called the:
A visual indication of the status of a task such as download or a file transfer is called a :
Progress Bar
A _____ Window Displays the contents of the current location.
Folder (Window)