I am going to Kaplan University online to get my associates in medical office management. Most practices require that you be an undergraduate. Some larger clinics may prefer you have a masters degree for the job. I will not need any other required certificates to perform this job. Kaplan has all the programs that I need in order to get my associates in medical office management. Anywhere from medical terminology to medical billing and coding. It will be accredited from Kaplan. As a MOM (medical office management) you will be in charge of running some sort of health or medical clinic.

Some duties as a MOM, are supervising the clinical staff, patient scheduling, data entry, and registration. Managers in this position should have excellent communication and good customer service skills. You will be maintaining policies and procedures. Another part of MOM is the hiring process of the clinical staff and also training. On a daily basics I will be in charge of keeping things run smoothly, pretty much.

There are many tools and technology that you will be using as a medical office manager. Some tools used on daily basic are computers, laptops, notebooks, scanners, telephones and a fax machine. Technology will be a huge part in your day to day routines. Medical software is one of the technologies that you will be using. It includes electronical medical records software which is also known as EMR. Electronic mail software, document management software, analytical or scientific software, data base user interface and query software are some other technologies that you will be using as the manager. So, you will want to be familiar with all of these softwares.

For this position I will also need to be well organized and detail oriented. The demand for a medical office manager in Nebraska is pretty significant. For a MOM the national average median salary is $88,580 annually which is around $40. 00 an hour. For Omaha, NE is the average is $56,000. It also depends on how much experience you have and the degree. The overall outlook for the medical office management for 2010-2020 is “22%” As you can see, I will be taking everything I need for my associates at Kaplan University and will not need any other certificates.

It will be good to learn as much as I can during school and try to gain some experience. I will be in charge of running a clinical or medical office and keeping everything run smoothly. From scheduling to billing and coding to using many tools and technology, I will be using from a day to day basics. I will want to be very organized as a medical office manager and want to gain as much knowledge as I can. There is a pretty good demand for office managers in Omaha, Nebraska, where I plan on living. If I am successful I could make up to $40. 00 an hour and $88,580 a year.