The image of the frontage is the name of the company; the colors are yellow and black with a image of a ice cream which is the principal product that they sell. The banner shows all the products with the presentation pictures but without prices. Also it shows the deals, in this case they has one on Tuesday, if you buy a ice cream you can obtain other free with the same presentation, in the bar you can find all the flavors that you can choose and all the topics that you can add.

The price of the product varies with the presentation, the lowest price is the cone ice cream that cost $2000 pesos and the more expensive the milkshakes that cost $6000 pesos, the prices of the different products are really available for the majority of the population. Nationally the brand is well positioned in the market, in terms of capacity, there are 141 establishments across the country, 77 from the company and the rest franchisees.

Internationally the company has establishments in Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. McDonald’s Target: people with lower and middle incomes McDonald’s is a company that was created in 1948, McDonald’s started with a small menu mainly fast food like hamburger, potato ships, come soft drinks and coffee. Nowadays McDonald’s has a variety of food for all tastes of people, and their products changes depending of the tastes and preferences of the population where they have business.

In Centro Chia the establishment of McDonald’s that sell ice cream is in a corner in the first level is near to the food court and it is in a principal passage that cross the shopping center, is a small establishment that is specialized only in sell ice cream, as the establishment is small, it only have the machine that make the ice cream the refrigerator where is kept the ice cream and the topics, it allows manage lower cost of the maintenance. The image of the frontage is the symbol of the company, the M that is in yellow; under the symbol there are a word that specificities that the establishment only sells desserts.

The banner shows all the products that they sell with the prices, as the establishment only sell desserts the banner is not too big, there are only 5 presentations. McDonald’s only sell ice cream of vanilla, the product change with the size and the topics that it bring, this different products are not for a specific customers like children or adult, the products have a simple presentation, the exclusive product that McDonald’s sells is the McFlurry that is made with the ice cream and other candies like Oreo, milo, Milky Way, snickers, ect..

How the targets are people with lower and middle incomes the prices of the products are no too expensive, the cheapest product would be the ice cream in cone, the price is $2000 pesos and the expensive product is the McFlurry with a price of $5900 pesos. McDonald’s is a franchising well positioned in the market that is around the world, McDonald does business in 119 countries. Conclusion

The both brand are good positioned in Colombia, although McDonald’s have more power and is bigger, in Colombia there are cities where McDonald’s Is not yet, but Mimo’s is in the majority of the cities on Colombia The targets are the same because the both companies manage low prices, the advantage that has Mimo’s is that they make ice cream with presentation specially for kids like the snow man, that is attractive for them. In terms of capacity McDonald’s has advantage because Mimo’s is only in shopping centers or other big malls and McDonald’s has establishment across the city.

The product can be a complementary product because the people use to eat ice cream after the lunch as a dessert, in these case MacDonald has a big advantage because while Mimo’s have to be in the shopping malls or food courts McDonald’s has their own establishment where people can lunch and have ice cream, also they have the option of the drive-thru where people can take the order or in this case buy a McFlurry without get off the car.