Map the Supply Chain Paper

Map the Supply Chain Paper Essay Sample

Supply chain logistics is a fundamental component of the global economic system. Goods can change hands from a variety of different global companies, which some form of value being added at each stage. The supply chain can be best described as “the complete set of firms and facilities and logistic activities that are involved in producing materials, transforming them into intermediate or finished products, and distributing them to customers”(Perreault,2011). In the contest of marketing, the following paper will map the supply chain of the perfumes and cologne industry. Each key section of the supply chain is outlined in detail, which includes the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer. The manufacturer job is to make the fragrances and colognes and to design the bottles and boxes for their products. Also they come up with their own name for the fragrances. In addition to that they have to advertise their products and assemble before sending the products to distributers. The products or services are then taken by the distributor who distributes those products to the retailers, finishing the supply chain. The next major player in the perfumes and cologne industry is the distributor.

Some of the main duties of the perfume and cologne distributors include: receiving the products from manufacturer, creating relationships with retailor, providing a transportation of the products to retailers, receiving payment from the retailers etc. “Distributors received their shipment from manufacturers under any agreements given to sell and distribute their products. Distributor wishes to enter into this Agreement with Owner whereby Distributor will undertake the distribution and sale of Product in the Territory on the terms and subject to the conditions contained herein.” (Distribution, 2012). The final destination of the supply chain for perfumes and cologne is a retailer.

Some of the main duties of the perfume and cologne retailors include: providing a location to sell the product, deciding on the product selection, dealing with customer service and claims, providing marketing and advertising of the product offered, handling exchanges and returns, offering advices and consulting the consumers etc. In conclusion, marketing professionals must understand and be aware of the different stages of supply chain. Each company has a specific role that is essential for the wellbeing of the entire industry. It is essential for the promoting and advertising operations to focus on the area of expertise within the supply chain. In order to be successful, all the firms in the supply chain must work together to meet needs and wants of the consumers at the very end of the chain.

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