Life in most big cities is disgusting and we often hear people complain that they are sick of crammed, cribbed and confined life of big cities. Life here is artificial and completely cut off from nature. For the eternal romantic, it is the last place he would like to be in the glare of the neon tubes, he would forget the sun, the moon and the stars. Few people enjoy life in a city as it deprives us of an inner calm and ecstasy, in spite of all the amenities of modern life that it provides. Life in a city is more or less like a prison. People there live only to work and work only for money.

They them make money only to spend it, and then remain depressed because they don’t have enough money. They work according to a fixed routine, and never have a second to pause. They are deep into the rat race and madly chase the material comforts of life. Sometimes it’s a battle for survival, a fight for one square meal. Sometimes it could be a fight for the fulfillment of one’s dreams, a desire for luxuries and comforts. Nevertheless, it’s always a struggle for something, the achievement of which will make us struggle for something else. People in a city have no emotional bonds with anyone, neither friends nor relatives.

They remained within closed doors all time. They have no time for social gatherings and friendly visits. Honestly, sincerity, openness, care and affection are qualities rarely seen among city-dwellers. Most people are selfish, greedy, cunning and crafty. Apart from personal troubles, the people of big cities also have to grapple with other day-to day problems thanks to the city itself. Most common among them are Pollution, traffic congestion, overcrowded trains and buses, lack of open spaces, filth and garbage. But it is not only gloom that a city offers. There are many exciting aspects also, to life in big city.

Cities have the best schools, colleges and hospitals. The malls and multiplexes offer consumers a truly satisfying experience. Further, there are many avenues of entertainment available, like zoos, museums, hotels, theaters, amusement parks etc. Youth from the city have the maximum job opportunities and easily land up with high paying life. City life thus offers a lot of glitz and glamour. To conclude we can say that life in a big city has its joys and sorrows. It is up to the individual to decide what are his likes and dislikes, his aims and priorities and then decide whether to live in a big city or not.