When asking people whether it is critical to obtain a degree before entering into the society, it will provoke a controversial discussion. Yet, when looking at the business world, the market environment changes dramatically and how the complicated business world is. To be prepared and compared with other competitors, having a degree is crucial. The following essay is going to discuss the why studying in University is beneficial to survive in the business world. Fisrt of all, degree holders are qualified to be trained with critical-thinking and interpersonal skills. In the University study, students will have their personal thinking on matters such as deciding a thing right or not by searching information and making decision by themselves. Since there are also plenty of presentations, undergraduates will be more confident and enhance their presentation skills.

Challenger(2007) mentions that employers look for the employees who can work with their potential co-workers harmonically and be confident, assertive, and concise speakers. It can be known that these skills are essential to work in business world. Another point is that working in business firms requires initiative and knowledge. Davidson(1999) reveals that an effective marker is essential to create a demand for ourselves to make our careers effectively by becoming indispensable. (P. 5) For instance, as a marketing manager, you need to plan what and when to market and advertise the products. You should also have initiative to lead your colleagues. By obtaining a degree in university, it can be proved you that you gain knowledge on a specific subject. Undergraduates will also be willing and active to face up with problems. The reason is that they always have an opportunity to spot out problems and tackle it individually. Finally, a degree is considered as an entry requirement nowadays.

In the past, it was difficult to get into Universities as the vacancy was less. Nowadays, the city changes, there are more chances to receive tertiary education because of the more Universities and methods to get into tertiary education like jupus and non-jupus. If you do not possess a degree, you will have disadvantages to receive an interview from business firms, not to mention working in business world. Therefore, a degree is vitally important when you apply for business jobs.

Obtaining a degree is undeniable that you will have advantages when comparing with those who do not. In fact, University plays an active role to train potential professional. Hong Kong Business Alliance (2004) mentions that Universities provides the business and professional sectors with a steady supply of highly trained accountants, building surveyors, merchandisers. On the whole, surviving in business world is essential to receive tertiary education and obtain a degree.