?Canada is a great place to live, because it is a very diverse country. It is multicultural, it’s considered a Melting Pot; meaning many people from many nation coming together to make this country special and unique. Canada is known for its natural resources and scenic wonders, such as the beautiful Niagara Falls, the great mountains and different climates. Canada is one of the best countries to live, because of many factors; Life expectancy, Adult illiteracy rate and Death rate are leading in comparison to many other countries.

Life expectancy measures the average number of years a baby born today can be expected to live. It is widely regarded as an indicator of a country’s overall health. Life expectancy has increased dramatically for most people in the world today. Improvements in sanitation, nutrition, medicine, and medical technology have all helped increase life expectancy. Life expectancy in Canada is slightly higher than the average among all the countries. The average Canadian born is expected to live 81. 2 years or more. Five countries have higher life expectancies than Canada—83 years in Japan, 82.

3 years in Switzerland, 82. 1 years in Italy, 81. 6 years in Australia, and 81. 4 years in Sweden. The average American will live to be just over 78. Canada has a high life expectancy as listed above which indicates that it is a healthy country and with free healthcare and good education, it is one of the best countries. Another area that Canada strives to make better each and every day is education. Canada is a country with high educational achievement. They have educated people with the highest literacy rate in the world.

Canada offers free primary and secondary education and subsidized post-secondary studies and makes it mandatory for students to attend school until they are 16-17 years old. Canada is a leader and an example for other countries. To the best of their abilities they try to help people in any way possible. Since it is mandatory to go to school, this shows that the majority of the population in Canada is well educated and has finished high school which indicates that the adult illiteracy rate in Canada is very low. The literacy rate In Canada is over 96%.