introduction to nonfiction

a short nonfiction work about a certain topic looking at the subject in a limited way
4 main types of essays
narrative, persuasive, expository, and descriptive
historical document/speech
official statement that records the political and social beliefs of groups of people in history
magazines or newspapers that are distributed monthly ,weekly or daily
a one on one conversation where questions are asked
a speech or writing that explains or informs something
rewriting or restating someone else’s ideas into your own words
works cited
list on works used in a nonfiction work and placed at the end of the paper
argument/persuasive writing
attempts to prove something is true or to convince you to adopts the same viewpoint as the writer
good persuasive writing contains…
a clear opinion statement and at least three supporting details
cause and effect
a relationship between two or more events in which one event brings about another
the event that happens first is the…and the one that follows is the…
chronological order
the arrangement of details in time order
explained in a series of steps in the ordered they occurred
classification and definition
writing used to explain and describe a thing or a concept and how it looks, acts and fits among other members of a group
often found in textbooks
compare and contrast
points out similarities and differences
the emotional feeling that surrounds the word
the literal meaning of a word
an essay or article that gives an opinion about a timely or important topic
fact and opinion
a statement that can be proved or that reflects a writer’s belief and cannot be proved
a series of questions and answers between two or more people in order to exchange information about a given topic
an opening paragraph or paragraphs of a newspaper, magazine, or internet article. it establishes what the article is about and often answers: who,what,when,where,and why
main idea
the central idea in a piece of writing. the point the author wants you to remember the most
problem and solution writing
the author identifies and describes a problem and then offers one or more possible solutions
topic sentences
states or strongly suggests the focus of a paragraph
supporting details
in tightly organized paragraphs, the surrounding sentences all relate to the topic sentence
view point
the author’s perspective or opinion on an issue or topic. sometimes it is inferred and others it is presented directly
non fiction that presents and explains ideas or tells about people, places, objects and events
non fiction
an event that happened long ago based on research, a description of their own experience, an event to explain what may have caused it, what impact it had, and what it had meant
the story of a person’s life told by someone else
story of one’s life told by oneself
a book that is written about certain time in a person’s life; does not cover their whole life
diary/ journal
a day to day account of a person’s life

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