Project Objectives: This section defines the objectives that the project will accomplish. Objectives should be measurable wherever possible and tied to the sign-off criteria used to close the project. The objectives are solutions to the identified problems or opportunities identified above. Cost/Benefit Analysis: This section outlines the major cost components of the project as well as the anticipated quantifiable and qualitative benefits. Both implementation and steady-state (run rate) costs and benefits should be analyzed. Team Impact:

This section describes what impact the project may have on each of the I/S teams. For example, the team leading the project might simply put ‘Project Sponsor’ by their team name. If there is no known impact to a team, that might be represented as ‘No Impact’ or ‘Not Applicable’. Otherwise, there would be a description of how the team is/will be affected by the given project. Application Development: Systems Administration: Telecommunications: Customer Support: Desktops: Application Support: Operations: Special Projects: Site Managers: Senior Administration:

Audit/Review: Project Scope: This section identifies the entire scope of the project. Even if the project is completed in phases, the long-term goals must be identified now. Implementation Plan: Create and distribute a baseline schedule, budget, and resource requirements. Include a listing of all roles and responsibilities, tasks, and milestones. Change Control Process: Describe the process that will be used for scope changes, such as: 1. Changes to the project scope shall be submitted to the project coordinator in writing for evaluation.

2. Review scope changes/enhancements with project team and stakeholder(s) to assess feasibility and impact on the project (e. g. timeline, funding, and objectives). 3. Accept/reject/postpone scope changes/enhancements during review process. 4. Changes submitted that have financial impact shall be submitted to the Information systems management through the project coordinator. Project Sign-off Identify completion criteria for project sign-off. Evaluation Describe how and when the project’s success will be evaluated.