Describe your strongest dimension on the personality spectrum In the personality spectrum I had two strong dimensions which are adventurer and thinker. In these areas I scored a 29. As a thinker, I enjoy learning the most by thinking analytically, solving problems and going beyond boundaries. I also do enjoy exploring new ideas and possible ones, most of the time it takes me to a natural world truth.

As an adventurer I love to be hands on in any problem I take on. I enjoy negotiating, being flexible, and have a lot of courage to go out and do basically anything new. I think it’s so funny how these two dimensions basically contradict themselves. However, they help balance themselves out; when I am thinking of how to solve a problem, its best I jump right into it and try to bend the rules, moves the boundaries and try different possible solutions. Finally when I find the solution, I have had to flex myself through and negotiate to find it.

Describe how each practice activity reinforced or contradicted something about yourself I feel that with each practice I went though I kept learning more things I didn’t realize about myself. For example, when I did the multiple pathways of learning I scored highly in bodily-kinesthetic, logical-math, and intrapersonal.

For me these really make sense to me, I enjoy thinking and being introverted, math and going out and getting hands on. I actually thought I was going to score higher in naturalist since I enjoy getting outdoor activities, but I ended up scoring the lowest. When I took the personality spectrum, I thought I would score high in organizer since I am super OCD when it comes to anything and everything I do, but I ranked in the middle. After, reading the descriptions of each, it slightly made sense on how the scores played out and it also made me realize a lot more about myself.