In Brave New world the author Aldus Huxley describes a world in which people are bred and modified on assembly lines. The purpose is to have the people born with certain characteristics to function properly in a pre-assigned job. The director explains the methods to modify the embryo. From the beginning, we see that the State is a technology-based society in which the technological advances are used as mind and body control tools, with the ultimate task of maintaining “social stability.”

The state performs various procedures to get the outcome they want from each person. The embryo is in the hands of the state and undergoes the Bokanosky process, which consists of shaking the egg so it will separate and have many identical embryos. This process help maintain stability because the moment the humans are born they will already be identical, and they will live identical lives. There is also the Podsnap’s technique. This technique accelerates the process of ripening an embryo; the state can produce more than a hundred mature eggs in two years. Females are sterilized by surgical removal of ovaries, which in term, gives the state an easier control of the population.

(Aldus Huxley 5-10) The only way of reproduction is through machines, and the intelligence of a being is chosen by how little oxygen is provided or how much alcohol is added to the “blood surrogate” thus the population is divided into different working and social classes, which, by being notoriously different, help the stability.

When the people are born, the state continues to manipulate them to fit the system. They are taught to dislike fear or be fond of objects while being hurt with electric shocks or high volume alarms, -they explain that this is one way to teach the children-but they also use different methods. For example, hypnopaedia. It consists of continuous repetitions of “information” until the person memorizes whatever the state wants. If people start to think by themselves or do anything that could jeopardize the stability, they give them Soma, the perfect drug that causes ultimate happiness. Everyone consumes this drug on their free time because the state thinks that when people have free, time they might start thinking:; thinking could cause revolutionary ideas and that could cause instability.

The state dos not control each person decisions, but in the process of being created, individuals are programmed biologically with chemicals to process information a certain way. Hypnopaedia, one of the few important brainwashing tools in the New World, influences people by dictating simple rules, regulations. The problem is that the state decides what is right and what is wrong. Actions that could be seen in our society as bad, they accept and even encourage.

For example, sex is not seen as an act of love with the end of creating life; rather, it is seen as an act of entertainment or pleasure, females are infertile because they are modified with technology while they are being created in the assembly line. Little children are involved in erotic games which make them get use to sex from an early age and make it a common event; when they grow up, sex is so common that they not only have sex with whoever they want, they also have orgies.

The state keeps the society very happy by fulfilling every wish that its members have as fast as they can with soma or all the advanced technological entertainment. People do not worry about their lives because the course of it is already terminal. Most of the people are not capable of thinking by themselves, and the few that can think are afraid to do so or to experiment because they are afraid of being exiled. All the ideas of exile, punishment, and everything that the state wants to transmit to the society, is implanted in their brains throughout their whole life. What the state creates is a society filled with people with the same moral values or ethics that will help them maintain absolute control.

This society is kept under control with technology so that the programmed lives of citizens in the new world are controlled from the day of creation until the day of cremation.