Students are the young intelligent seedlings of the human civilization. As saplings need sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide for healthy growth, so do students need good education, medication , food and as well as sports. If there isn’t sunlight when a plant grows ,it will not grow up,if there isn’t water the same thing happens. This same thing applies for students too, if there isn’t good education, we are pretty sure the kid wouldn’t grow with good knowledge, or if there isn’t food he would not grow properly.

So if either of these things is missing , unseemly effects will take place. Thus every thing counts in, be it a sapling’s or student’s life. But, many people ignore on an important ingredient of a child’s life, that is sports. Sports in life cannot be ignored , many schools don’t pay attention to sports activities and this will make the students unaware on how useful , fit , healthy , and a knowledgeable person could be, by practicing sports. The most important utilization of sport is physical fitness to growing kids.

Physical fitness is the most Valuable outcome of Sports for Students and Children as well. Sports like Tennis, Baseball and Basket Ball gives out an outcome of Physical Fitness that helps in proper grooming and growth of body and a healthy future ahead. Sports help Students to have a constructive use of their time. Only study cannot add to the mental and Physical fitness of a person. Usually students waste their time in playing games on Computer which makes them dull and Lazy whereas playing Sports makes their bones Strong and is also very good in utilizing Spare time.

Sports not only does these things but help people maintain a very good Health and proper diet. Playing sports regularly helps in smooth circulating of Blood in all parts of Body. Thus making any person fit and Healthy. If you think the only outcome of playing sports is good health, then I am sorry, sports also develops confidence in a personality of a person, by excelling in sports game one’s Self confidence boosts. The Decision Making skills of a person also increases.

In sports a person has to take quick decisions depending upon the situation which requires quick mental power that helps in walk of life as well. Sports also teach growing kids to control their mental feelings and makes them mentally strong . In sports there are both winning and losing. Losing is just a step towards winning. A good sportsperson knows this, so maintaining a sportsman’s attitude is the best way of Mental Strength and Success.

A student who is growing up to face the real challenges of life would understand that Success and Failure are just parts of a game ,failure is one step towards success. Playing sports are good life lessons to teach growing children. They not only improve health but also their mental and physical abilities. But now I am not forcing that , become a sport person one day ,but at least play a sufficient time of playing sports so that in the future , the things you would learn from playing sports will become useful. Hence, sports are needed ,very much in the life of a student.