Impact Of Technology On Society

Impact Of Technology On Society Essay Sample

The technology has developed so fast in today’s booming society. The purpose of technology is making people’s life more comfortable. For example, telephone can help people communicate with each other better and the innovation of internet is also benefitting people’ life. Somehow there may be some disadvantage of technology on people’ work. With the developed of technology, there are more and more advance mac hine that can help people manufacturing. Some dangerous and complex are now replaced by machine. For example, some operation may be taking by robot in order to reach the high accuracy. The impact of technology on society can simply divided into two part, life and work. There is no doubt that technology have a huge effect in human’s life. The comforted stuff we have now have affect people’ daily life. First of all, with the developed of technology there is a huge revolution in transport, communication and entertainment. In the past, people can only use horse as the fastest transport.

For communication, the usually way is talk face on face or write a letter. There is few entertainment in the past. For now, there are many transports that are faster than horse such as car, ship and flight. With the developed of telephone, people is able to talk in a long distance. Of course, there are many entertainments such as movie, computer and internet. Technology have made people’s life more convenient. Secondly, with all those comfortable stuff had been innovated the demand of those stuff is much higher than it’s supplied. The price of those comfortable stuff is unacceptably for most of people at the time assembly line is not developed. The assembly which has a huge increase in the quantity of the product and short the work-time of each product was developed in 1913 by henry ford. With the developed of assembly line the supply of product has a huge increase and meet the market demand finally. The assembly line had changed the way people life. Finally, with the developed of technology people want automatize everything.

There are many robots that can help people do housework and some robots that can help people do some dangerous and complex work. For example, robot cleaner can help people clean their house and some robot aim can help people do some accurate operation. However, the result of developing technology is not always good. Nowadays, some people are unemployed because of the automation technology. For example, in many factories there are advance and complete assembly lines. Therefore, only a little workers are needed to operate the machine to run the whole factory. The work opportunity is decreased because more and more automate machine are innovated. The opinion of technological on today’s society vary from person to person. The optimism opinion is that in the future all the hard work will done by the robot. The negative opinion is that the robot can make humans redundant. Some people think the future of high technology is very bright, it can release people from strenuous work.

But there are some people warned that the technology revolution and the development of intelligent machines may result the extremely gap between technologically advanced and backward country, the worst situation is that humans may self-extinction. There will have some robots that is able to cook, and robot cleaner can help people clean house, some robot even can connected with the human mind, as well as nanometer robots that can clean the block of artery and there will be even a robot pets. “Sophisticated computers, robots, telecommunications, and other Information Age technologies are replacing human beings in nearly every sector. Factory workers, secretaries, receptionists, clerical workers, salesclerks, bank tellers, telephone operators, librarians, wholesalers, and middle managers are just a few of the many occupations destined for virtual extinction.” (Rifkin, 1995).

In the one hand there is no doubt that technology will replace human force in some jobs as its low cost and high efficiency but in the other hand the commodity price will decrease as the labor cost is decreased. Technology may firstly replace the basic job like worker then maybe some white collar work but it can really replace all human works as robot is created by human. However, in medicine area the technology will help people but it cannot replace doctor. The only way for robot to identify diseases is searching their data center. However, there are new diseases every year which cannot be identified by robot. Because of this, technology can help a lot in medicine area such as nanometer robot that help cleaning artery but it cannot total replace human in medicine area. For me, technology can be a really useful aid but not a competitor. My major is mechanical engineering with automobile. My job in the future will be designing automobile which also cannot be replaced by technology.

The biggest different between human and robot is the ability of creative, human is creative they can think and create many things that is not exist but robot is uncreative it can only do the job that it received. Therefore, technology can replace those jobs that only require doing the same things over and over again, those jobs that require thinking and creative cannot be replaced by technology. Meanwhile, the technology can really help in those creative jobs, high technology can help people test the product if it is meet the requirement. For example, cavil engineering can use high technology to test the building if it is stable enough to survival in the earthquake. In a word, technology can benefit people’s life and replace some dirty, strenuous work. Some people can use technology to help them but others may be replaced by high technology. In conclusion, technology will bring lots of benefits for human but people must think of the possible bad result that come with the technology. High technology can make people’s life more convenient but may someday replace their works if people do not come up with the high technology.

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