He lives in the town of Manhattan in New York. When the individuals in the town receive the supposed treatment for cancer, they all morph into savage and hideous beasts. Robert Neville however, is immune to this cure and does not turn into a monster. Throughout the movie, he attempts to inject his blood into these diseased individuals in the hopes of reversing the sickness and turning them back into humans. He quotes, “Blood tests confirm that I remain defense to both the airborne and get in touch with strains. Canines stay immune to airborne strain only. The vaccine trials continue.

I’m still unable to transfer my immunity to infected hosts. The Krippen Virus is… elegant. ” (I Am Legend). The strengths of this movie are the special effects, plot, Will Smith’s characterization of Robert Neville, and the which means behind the tale. “I am Legend” is never uninteresting. This movie is usually filled with interesting conversations between character types and the amazing music and on-screen effects. Whether Neville is shooting the windows out of buildings, or fighting off the unhealthy creatures, the target audience is kept in the edge of their seats during the complete movie.

Will Smith’s portrayal of Neville Grace 2 is usually truly amazing. He could be still the funny man that everybody knows him to become but he is usually also the difficult, manly fighter that his character is usually depicted to become. This individual is also extremely believable as an intelligent scientist. Finally, the meaning at the rear of the storyplot is essential to the movie; this gives the film substance. “I Are Legend” is not really only and action-packed thriller; it is certainly also a substantial lesson in every part of your life. That lesson is that anything at all can occur and you need to be prepared to do anything more needed in cases of dire difficulty.

Neville dedicates his entire life to healing these folks of their metamorphosis. Simply no-one ever believed that this can happen, yet this did which wiped out the whole associated with New york. Neville estimates, “This is Floor Absolutely no. This really is my site. I can fix. I in fact can fix this. ” (I Are Legend). With this estimate, Neville is usually actually stating that he cure these types of folks and this individual can not prevent until he actually does. While this film features a great deal of great advantages, “I Am Legend” also has a few disadvantages. This film place in a great deal of careless and unimportant moments which often most probably baffled the target audience.

These occasions included the following the following: the picture in the video store with Neville speaking with the design, thinking it experienced been an actual person, the scene with him screaming in the mannequin placement in the middle of the street, and finally, the picture with him yelling at the numerous other family since they will had been going to toss away the sausage he desired to conserve. While the last scene could possess been important, this was not described later on in film production company, thus it was just not necessary. While these scenes were funny, they did not need to be included in the movie as they did not help the plot unfold at all.

This movie would have been better if these scenes were taken out. This movie has its share of high times and low times that overall, made it a fascinating and thrilling film. This movie is a must-see. This movie will make individuals cry, jump, and laugh. In “I Am Legend” the weaknesses, strengths and storyline are the most crucial aspects. “In 2009, a Grace 3 deadly virus burned though out civilization, pushing human kind to the edge of extinction, Dr. Robert Neville dedicated his life to the discovery of a cure and the restoration of humanity. We are his legacy. This is his legend.