Human Trafficking Essay Sample

Produce a selection of fluent and coherent writing which develops, sustains, and structures ideas. Informative writing; Human Trafficking This informative essay will cover the topic of human trafficking, informing the reader in many different aspects of this social issue, including; global effects on individuals, ways of preventing/reducing human trafficking globally, and the overall processes within human trafficking and its patterns. Human trafficking is an illegal process where humans are trafficked from place to place and are traded and used, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced work labour for the trafficker or others. Human trafficking also known as ‘the new era of human slavery’ is the fastest increasing criminal industry tied with the arms-trade, coming in just after the drug trade. This social issue is significant at a global scale yet it is a difficult problem to spot around many different countries, such as China, which us known to be infamous with having more than around 600,000 workers which are migrated annually overseas, in hopes of gaining the jobs and different lifestyles that they are falsely promised by the traffickers in charge of the whole operation.

The main method that traffickers use to carry out this illegal process of trafficking humans in order to use them for sex slavery, forced labour work, etc is trickery. The traffickers take advantage of those individuals who are in a inconsiderably low economic status and search in places of recent natural disasters or poor areas such as, slums to ‘recruit’ and cheat these innocent people into becoming slaves, only for them to realise once they have reached their destination that they have been fooled and now there is no going back. In present day, the word ‘slavery’ is thought by people to be nothing more than a historical reference to times where humans were exported and exploited for the personal use of others, to carry out forced labour and do anything they were requested to by their owners. But what many people do not realise is that even today there is such a thing as slavery, but has developed a hidden crime, making it harder for the public to see and for those in slavery to call out for help.

The outcomes of human trafficking reach far, both those who are trafficked and the traffickers are affected in some way, and both have a part in the trafficking process. Due to sexual slavery being the prime purpose for the trafficking of humans right after forced labour, woman are deeply affected and those who fit the criteria will be hunted down and fooled or forced to flee their country to be sex slaves. This is nothing more than a full violation of the human rights of this innocent woman, these trafficked victims ranging from the ages of even 13+, suffer physical abuse and physical exhaustion, and sometimes even starvation, to avoid wasting money on them. Although not only woman are affected by human trafficking but also men and children who are used to work and are paid less the minimum wage while some not even paid at all. Although there are certain social actions that can done to ensure a reduction of human trafficking, because by doing nothing at all and accepting human trafficking, we are effectively putting more money in the pockets of the traffickers.

Because the main areas where the traffickers (recruiters) go to in order to search for new individuals to trick are in LEDC’s (low economically economic developed countries), they take advantage of the typically low education of the people, because many cannot afford to pay for it and so they can be easily manipulated and tricked believing the lies fed to them by the traffickers. The best solution for an end to this is, is to stop the process of human trafficking at the roots, by ensuring all of those who fit the criteria to be trafficked are especially educated and can’t be fooled, not only that but with education there is a possibility for a new lifestyle change that could lead to economic gain, thus ensuring that the traffickers cannot lure them in their trap as they are no longer desperate in need for money. This social issue of human trafficking is significant and fuelled by those who are too blind to see and hear the victims who are desperately reaching for help and trying to escape. The best thing to do in hopes of ensuring change and resolve of this issue is to stop it before it spreads even more with our rapidly growing population.