How to Write Your Essay in a Foreign Language

Writing an essay in a language that is not your native one – is no easy job that is for sure. It does not even matter what is the reason that made you write it, be it a school assignment or your personal impulse – there are a few things that you have to keep in mind before you start.

So what is an essay after all? It is a prose writing that represents your thoughts regarding the particular subject. Sometimes you get the topic from your instructor, while in some situations you have to come up with the one of your own. Usually, there is no strict structure to it; you just have to make sure that your essay has an introduction, the main part and the conclusion. Besides all that, all you have to focus on is representing your own thoughts and beliefs: that is the main purpose of writing an essay. So now, you are probably wondering how to write a good essay in a foreign language? Luckily, we have a few tips for you.

1. Create a draft version in your native language

It might be stressful for some people to immediately start writing an essay in a foreign language. If you are one of them, perhaps it would be easier for you to think the whole thing through and write a basic draft of your future essay in your native language. Then, based on those ideas, you can start writing the text in the foreign language. This way you will not stress out that much and will follow the main idea of the essay all along.

2. Get accurate translations

It is obvious, that if you are a beginner, you will most likely translate many of your thoughts from your native language to the foreign one. The most important thing here is that you use the best translation site for those purposes, as at times translation can get tricky. You have to choose a website that would be able to consider all nuances and will not allow any mistakes in your essay.

3. Do not use heavy structures

You may have a huge writer’s potential but that does not help much when it comes to writing an essay in a foreign language. You see, the longer sentences you are trying to use, the greater is the chance that you will make a grammar mistake. So try to make it simple and short, you can compensate this plainness by creative delivery of your ideas. Moreover, the simpler your essay is, the easier it will be for people to actually relate to it.

4. ‘Dance around your keys’

As we already mentioned, you have to make a list of key phrases before you start writing an essay in a foreign language. Or any type of paper, for all that matters. So to not get carried away, focus on those key phrases (or key points) and start building your story around them. Slowly move from one key point to another and you will see how your essay develops its structure. Also, do not forget about those three essential essay parts, that we discussed earlier. No matter what your topic is, the introduction, the main part and the conclusion should be included. Write a brief introduction, explaining what your essay will be about, but do not give away too much, make the reader curious to read further! Then, in the main part, explain your key points, and finally, in the conclusion, you summarize the whole idea of your essay. By using this structure, you make it easier for the reader to follow your thoughts.

5. Use conjunctions

Did you know that even the most basic written essay could benefit a lot from splitting it now and then with conjunctions? Not only will it make your writing look more interesting, but also will eventually make your foreign language sound more pleasant and closer to native. By using conjunctions, you will soon get rid of that ‘robot-written-like’ look of your essay. Choose ‘therefore’ instead of ‘so’, ‘in addition’ instead of ‘and’, ‘however’ instead of ‘but’ and so on. Make your essay written in a foreign language look more interesting to the reader.


We truly hope that these tips helped you a lot on your way to becoming a pro at writing essays, especially in foreign languages. To write a good essay, basically, all you need to do is to follow a structure, make it simple and not forget about your grammar. By taking into consideration all that in no time you will be easily writing essays in foreign languages on any given topic.