The NEMA is a Government agency responsible for the management of the environment. NEMA principles are primary tools for achieving sustainable development since they recognize that the consideration of environmental factors requires the integration of social, economic and ecological factors into decisions. The decisions that relate to the interpretation and implementation of NEMA and other laws concerned with environmental management.

The Social, Economic and environmental aspects of the activities including their advantages and benefits must be considered, assessed and evaluated and decisions must be appropriate in light of such considerations, this implies that the environmental concerns activities must benefit the economy and must be per the EMCA Acts and the decisions made should be carried out in the appropriate manner.

The use and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources must be responsible and equitable and take into account the consequences of the depletion of natural resources, non-renewable resources natural resources must be used and handled in the best way possible there should be minimum use of resources to yield maximum benefit. Energy being a resource should be utilized properly and avoid over exploitation.

The development, use and exploitation of renewable resources and the eco-system of which they are part must not exceed the level beyond which their integrity is jeopardized, the renewable resources being used should be eco-friendly and should not destroy the eco-system and the recycling measures should be put into place. A risk-averse and cautious approach must be applied which takes into account the limits of current knowledge about the consequences of decisions and actions; they formulate an approach which is responsible for accounting for the consequences of the ecisions and actions.

Negative impacts on the environment and on peoples environmental rights must be anticipated and prevented and where they cannot be altogether prevented, must be minimized and remedied, the negative impacts on the environment may affect people’s environmental rights, there should be an environmental friendly place, and waste minimization should be upheld.

Decisions must be taken in an open and transparent manner and access to information must be provided in accordance with the law, any provision of information must be in accordance with the laws demands and decisions made must be in an open and transparent manner and the implementation of policies. Decisions concerning the environment must take into account the needs, interests and values of all interested and affected parties, the decisions made on the environment must account the needs interest of the parties involved in environmental improvements and matters concerning the environment should be considered.