These are the native American Indians who occupied the northern great plains (Encarta, 2007).  Their staff of life is wild rice and small game such as deer hunting.  Today they are particularly active in the Modern American Indian Movement.

In the past, what makes the Sioux Native American tribes survive without the convenience of modern day living?  The Sioux life revolves around a buffalo, an animal which is industrious and sturdy, even the dung of this animal is used for fuel.  The skin is use for the shelter they call tepee a dwelling that keeps them during rain and winter.

Fortified by their strong religious belief on the Great Spirit they have surmounted the harshness of life which the modern world technology try to relieve the man of this century.

The natives are naturally robust people, who are more of hunters than farmers.  In previous days vegetation is overflowing in the valleys.  Greens and fruits are normally picked and not grown.  The Indians are known for picking foods whether these came from the sea, on the hillside or on plains.  They eat almost all kinds of edible stuff.

They dry their food stocks and keep them as food on winter and can easily go to other places to hunt for food.  Man has a natural tendency to adapt to their existing environment.  So much more for the Indians who lived in the past when the earth is more generous to its yield did not find life so bothersome unlike the modern day man who is constantly in search for his comfort.  These people are naturally adaptable beings who are not afraid to live their life in the surrounding where they are born.

Electricity is not a must; they used animal skin to cloth themselves and adorn their head with eagle feathers for their sense of fashion.  They survive using the God given nature of the natural world and adapted the life of their ancestors.  A basic family unit is patterned into like the groupings of herds of cattle.  The main herd shepherds the smaller group.  They look into their culture as well as to the wisdom of their elders.

The past Indian life could not be as palatable to the present day man but to them it is life well lived to the fullest.  It could be their share in the life history of their age.  We may have convenience stores and technologies but only one is certain to both, at the sweat of our brow we will eat.  And for an Indian, the search for food in the wilderness during their time could be to them a very exhilarating experience.