The narrative of The Catcher in the Rye tells about life of Holden Caulfield, a really rebellious adolescent who does non populate with his parents and has no individual to look up to. He does non acquire along with grownups and teens his ain age. The lone individual he genuinely cares about is his younger sister, Phoebe, who lives back place with her and Holden ‘s parents. Holden has two other siblings, Allie and D.B. Holden has feelings for this one miss named Jane, whom he has dated in the past but they broke up. Holden lives at his school, Pencey Prep, in a residence hall with his roomie, Stradlater. He has an raging neighbour named Ackley. Holden is merely approximately to acquire kicked out of school in the beginning of the narrative.

One dark, Stradlater, has a day of the month with Holden ‘s old love, Jane. This gets Holden reasonably nervous, because in his bosom, he still has feelings for her. He does non desire Stradlater to do out with her or travel “ excessively far ” . When Stradlater comes back that dark, Holden inquiries him if he did anything to her. Stradlater does non speak and starts to mess around with Holden, doing him angry. Holden tries to strike him, but Stradlater, being stronger, beats Holden up, doing him really bloody. Holden leaves him entirely and leaves the school. He still thinks about Jane.

He leaves the school for a few yearss. He spends his clip traveling to bars and attempts to hook up with different adult females. Even though he is merely 16 old ages old, and excessively immature to imbibe, he happens to win in making these things. Holden really drinks at the bars, and dates some adult females older than him. For illustration, he meets this one miss at one saloon, and dances with her. He hangs out with her for the remainder of the dark. She is besides around thirty old ages old. Holden goes back to the hotel after.

When Holden feels isolated, he sneaks into his parents ‘ house and visits his sister, Phoebe. Holden truly loves his sister a batch. There is no 1 else he cares about more than her. When Holden sneaks in, he meets up with his sister. Holden negotiations about how bad he ‘s making in school, and how he is acquiring expelled. His sister is non fascinated at all. After this talk, Holden leaves and lives on with his trashed up life. He spends another dark at the hotel.

Towards the terminal of the narrative, Holden writes a missive to his sister, stating he is traveling to run off for good. He tells her to run into him near the Museum of Natural History Holden meets up with his sister at the museum. One thing is that Holden did non anticipate Phoebe to come with baggage. She wants to come with him. He tells her she ca n’t, and she starts to shout. The narrative ends with Holden stating the reader it is the terminal of his narrative. He merely updates the reader that he is making merely mulct.

Critical Review

Holden is one of the best illustrations of a adolescent who does non care about the seniors, and merely does whatever he wants, because he has no counsel from his parents. Many adolescents in today ‘s society can associate to Holden. Teenagers ever want to seek for merriment, and do the things that fill them with pleasance. They technically want to move like grownups. They do non wish to be told what to make, by the people who they should truly look up to. This is Holden ‘s life. Holden represents the ways that most adolescents tend to populate out. Like Holden, these adolescents still have a feeling of love and goodness.

In the narrative, Holden does non understand the society in his clip. Holden can non associate to the people in his society. Carl F. Strauch observed that the “ society, including his ain parents, has no desire to acknowledge the truth about Holden ” ( 46 ) . What Strauch is stating is that society in the narrative does non cognize, or understand, what Holden is traveling through. They do non see the agony in his eyes. Holden can non larn about what he is making incorrect because of his deficiency of ushers. From an thought of Harold Bloom, Holden trusts his ain age, but non people who are older. Peoples who are older than him may hold some really good wisdom for him to assist him with his life, but unluckily, he has no trust in them.

Holden ‘s bad emotions trigger fast in this narrative. This may be because of events that may hold happened to him in the yesteryear. For illustration: the decease of his brother, Allie. “ Because of Allie ‘s decease ” , Jack Salzman states, “ that decease may hold been the individual most traumatic event in Holden ‘s life ” ( 48 ) . Holden ne’er seems to bask anything. In other words, in the narrative, he ne’er seems like he is holding a good clip. He is merely seeking to last through obstructions in his life. Even though he does the things he wants to make, no felicity comes out of him. The lone clip he is happy is when he is with his sister, Phoebe.

Comparing Holden to the character, Huckleberry Finn, they about the same type of individuals. Levi A. Olan concludes that they are both “ unusual and foreign to their universe ” ( 24 ) . The two characters think merely about themselves, and seek to assist themselves all the clip. They try to last in a universe where no 1 likes them, or respects them. These characters besides have some differences between each other. Harold Bloom suggests that Holden is more low spirited than Huck. Huck, at least, has some felicity, and has fun with his friend Tom Sawyer. Despite the differences between them, they both still have their ain desires which may take them to problem.

Holden is non a spiritual type of cat. Harmonizing to Robert M. Slabey, Holden ne’er goes to church and is non a large fan of curates, or priests. He thinks people who are Christian are really Hypocritical in the society in the narrative. For illustration, in the narrative, Holden watches this Nativity public presentation during the Christmas season. He believes the histrions and the public presentation were dissemblers, or hypocrite. At the same clip though, Holden likes the thought of Jesus, and thinks Jesus is a really epic type of being. He is besides friendly with nuns, and respects them and what they do. The bottom line is that Holden has no involvement in spiritual activity.

Holden is a child who does non desire to turn up, harmonizing to Raychel Haugrud Reiff. “ Since Holden sees nil to look up to in the superficial, hypocritical grownup universe, he resists turning up ” ( Reiff 63 ) . He does whatever he can to non move like a mature immature adult male. He drinks, he parties, and he hooks up with big adult females. He gets in battles, and uses all kinds of profanity. Holden acts like an immature being. He has no sense of wisdom, or does non hold any counsel. He besides smokes and drinks.


From my reading of these critics ‘ sentiments, I agree with some, and differ with some. I extremely disagree that Holden is seeking non to turn up. By what I read in the book, and by what I observed in his behaviour, Holden is seeking to turn up. I think he is seeking to acquire past his agonies as a adolescent, and attempts to be an grownup. He smokes, drinks, goes to bars, hooks up with adult females, and does what he wants. He wants to be out in the unfastened universe, and unrecorded freely. He tries to take off his “ restraints ” and travel make his thing. That is how he wants to populate his adolescent life.

I agree with Robert M. Slabey ‘s sentiment on Holdens spiritual positions. Holden truly thinks that the Christians are full of hypocrites. I besides agree that he thinks everybody ‘s a hypocrite. He ca n’t swear anyone in his life. He thinks everyone is lying on who they are. He may merely swear people his ain age. This would be his lone manner of endurance in the environment he lives in. It is how he invariably lives his life.