World history is the story of human choices that link the _______ to the ______ and influence the ________.
Past ; Present ; Future
The United Nations replaced the _____.
League of Nations
Who were the big three, who made most of the decisions about how World War II would end and what would happen afterward?
Franklin Roosevelt
Winston Churchill
Joseph Stalin
After World War II, Germany was divided into four parts, controlled by which powers?
Great Britain
Soviet Union
The U.S.
What are three countries that became communist following World War II?
Who controlled South Korea following World War II?
Wrong : Japan
The leader of the Communist Party in China following World War II was _____.
Mao Zedong
World War II caused the end of European imperialism.
1. Describes a world with two superpowers
2. A united group of countries with common interests, goals, or aims.
3. Describes a world with many great powers
4. Compensation demanded by the victor over its beaten foe.
1. Bipolar
2. Bloc
3. Multipolar
4. Reparation