The history of psychology is rather intense when looking back at where it all began. Before psychology even became a discipline, there was philosophy that, to say the least, practically created what is now known as modern psychology. Before evaluating psychology itself, it is important to look at the philosophical roots of where it all began. There were philosophers that had a great deal of impact on psychology as a formal discipline. The major philosophers of the western tradition were primarily known for the formation of psychology.

Also, the exploration of the development of psychology during the nineteenth century played a major role in the history of psychology. These are all just a few things that made psychology as important as it is and is still becoming. The Beginning: Philosophers There were many philosophers that played a huge role in the formation of modern psychology. Most people believe that psychology has been around forever, although it has really only been around since the late 1800’s. It all began when Greek philosophers began to study human behavior.

One of the most known philosophers of that time is Rene Descartes. Descartes was famous for his study of dualism. Dualism asserted that the mind and body were two separate entities that interact to form any typical human experience. Although his studies had a great impact on psychology, he relied on methods such as observation and logic which were not as reliable as what is known today. Wilhelm Wundt also had an immense impact on the history. Wundt was a German physiologist that began using scientific methodology.

He was known for opening the first psychology lab in 1879 at the University of Leipzig. That event was considered the official start of psychology, which soon became a distinct discipline. He perceived psychology as the study of human consciousness and sought to apply experimental methods to studying internal mental processes. His work staged psychology for its future. Western Philosophers: Primary Contributors There were quite a few philosophers in the western tradition that also had a great impact on modern psychology