history of paper mache

how did france and england make paper mache popular?
made boxes, bowls, or pots that were painted black and gold
what does paper mache mean?
chewed paper
how was paper mache given its name?
given its name from a french worker in a london paper factory
originally, how strong was paper mache?
as strong as wood
who brought paper mache to america?
William Allgood
What was the Litchfield Manufacturing Company known for?
paper mache clock cases
how is paper mache used today?
often used in theatre and stage productions for creating props and scene sections
where was paper mache originated?
where was paper created?
what did china use paper mache to make?
how did they make paper mache tougher?
by coating it with lacquer
what did japan use paper mache for?
making masks and other festival accessories
what was the first european country to use paper mache?

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