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After WW1 Germany was in great turmoil this is where Hitler began his struggle to gain power in Germany. So may argue that Hitler was a planning man some argue that he was purely an opportunist but no one could of imagined nor planned for all the things that he had to go through to become dictator, but that being said no one could of accomplished what he did without a plan. Adolf Hitler was the perfect model of an opportunist. He took advantage of every opportunity given to him, though He was a master planner also, but he took every opportunity to shout his ideals to the people.

His life began simply enough, but he turned out to be one of the most infamous people of the 20th century. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Austria. Hitler’s view of the world took shape when he moved to Vienna at the age of eighteen. He borrowed large numbers of books from the library on German history to greater his understanding of his homeland that he loved so much. By now Hitler also had strong pride in the German race and all things German .

Hitler had a passion for reading, grabbing all the daily newspapers available at the men’s home, reading numerous political pamphlets and borrowing many books from the library on German history. The utter misery of his poverty also deeply influenced Hitler. The Weimar constitution was the most vital part of Hitlers rise to power. Without it or more so without its weaknesses Hitler could never have become dictator. The Weimar constitution was implemented to give power to the people of Germany but Hitler managed to use it to take away every last bit of power and rights from the people.

If a state does not fulfil the obligations laid upon it by the Reich constitution or the Reich laws, the Reich President may use armed force to cause it to oblige. In case public safety is seriously threatened or disturbed, the Reich President may take the measures necessary to re-establish law and order, if necessary using armed force. In the pursuit of this aim he may suspend the civil rights described in articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 154, partially or entirely.

The Reich President has to inform Reichstag immediately about all measures undertaken which are based on paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article. The measures have to be suspended immediately if Reichstag demands so. If danger is imminent, the state government may, for their specific territory, implement steps as described in paragraph 2. These steps have to be suspended if so demanded by the Reich President or the Reichstag. Further details are provided by Reich law. The previous was article 48 of the Weimar constitution which is the one major flaw in it that Hitler used to obtain full power of Germany.

It states that in a case that threatens the nation the president has the right to use emergency power to bypass the Reichstag and to abolish the rights established by the Weimar constitution. Although Hitler was an amazing opportunist it was clear from the start that he had a plan although it might not of worked that well. I’m referring to the Munich putsch Hitler’s first attempt to gain power although not through legal means it was still his first attempt at seizing power of Germany. His plan although it failed led him to think of a nw plan whilst he was in jail after the Munich putsch.

He came up with a plan to become dictator via a more legal means. The treaty of Versailles was the main reason (other than World War 1) for Hitler wanting to take control of Germany. He wanted to get Germany’s pride back that they lost in the treaty of Versailles by having to take full responsibility for starting the war and for all the deaths and destruction. Hitler took this loss very personally and made it his goal to restore Germany’s pride and honour back. The treaty of Versailles was what made Hitler decide on taking control of Germany. any of them he just finished off and got all the credit for. The real mastermind behind many of Hitlers brilliant ideas was Stresemann who was chancellor many years ago. Hitler was just finishing off the plans that Stresemann put into place all those years ago when he was chancellor to his own benefit taking all of the glory for himself. This shows that Hitler was more of an opportunist than a planner himself as he was just using Stresemann’s plans that he didn’t manage to accomplish whilst he was chancellor.

Stresemann was a much better leader than Hitler as he managed to pull Germany out of the depression from the treaty of Versailles, at least as long as he was chancellor. Although Hitler did the same thing it was because he used many of Stresemann’s unfinished plans such as freeways. Throughout my essay i have shown to you that Hitler was a planner such as when he staged the Munich Putsch and how whilst in jail he decided to come to power through legal means and how he formulated a new plan. I have also proved that he was an opportunist through his use of Stresemann’s unfinished lans from when he was chancellor and taking ownership of them even though they weren’t his and through the way that he led Germany out of the depression. I finish this essay by saying that Hitler was probably the best opportunist of his time and still one of the best ever but his planning and execution of his plans wasn’t that good even though he constantly tried to plan and execute many things which often led to failure such as the Munich Putsch which left him in jail. Summing it up Hitler was a great opportunist not so much a good planner but tried to use his skills equally

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