What were rivalries between in the community
Salem residents and refugees
What did refugees put pressure on
food and resources
Who were the two girls who showed unusual behaviour
Elizabeth, Parris’ daughter and his niece Abigail Williams
When were the girls put under pressure
February 29
Who did the two girls accuse
Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba
Where were trials held
Boston grand jury
Who halted the trials
Governor Phipps
How many were executed in the Salem witch trials
How many were condemned in the Salem witch trials
How many confessed in the Salem witch trials
How many were waiting in prison in the Salem witch trials
What was there an increase of after the trials
Concern about the use of evidence and tests used to determine innocence and guilt
What judge publicly confessed his error
Judge Samuel Sewall
When did the Massachusetts General Court order a day of fasting for the trials
14 January 1697
When were the trials declared unlawful
When was the bill passed which gave the accused 600 pounds
When did Massachusetts formally apologise
What were the two short term causes of the trials
Initial accusations, community tensions
What were the two long term cause of the trials
Knowledge of witch hunts, role of religion
What were the two consequences of the trials
Results of the trials, later doubts
between what centuries were people concerned with witch craft
15th- 18th
how many people were killed between 16th-18
40 000- 100 000
Where did majority of the witch hunts take place
Germany, Scandinavia and Britain
What were witches a symbol of
What did American colonists have beliefs in
Puritan beliefs
What was Salem influenced by
Puritan ideas and ministers like Samuel Parris