History 2 quiz 1

The Ghost Dancers alarmed federal officials because of their
potential to foster rebellion
This painting by George Catlin reveals his
***appreciation of native American culture
which statement best characterizes American Agriculture in the second half of the nineteenth century
farmers were vulnerable to market forces
what triggered the brief political success of the grange
the panic of 1873
what does this image celebrate
the westward migration of the exoduses
the treatment of both native American and the environment revealed what about western settlement
**** its narrow focus on exploitation and gain
which of the following was a common consequence of the adoption of horses by many native American tribes
**** increased migration and contact with whites
Buffalo Bills, Wild West was popular for all the following reason except that
it provided an accurate representation of the west
Images such as this sculpture by Horatio Greenough promoted the idea that
native Americans were violent savages
how did the us government view its treaties with native Americans
*****as generally negotiated in bad faith
which group were frequent victims of violence in mining towns
Chinese immigrants
in education native American children as required by the dawes severalty act, the government opted to establish
off-reservation boarding schools where children were required to abandon there native American ways
in the 1990s the site of the battle of little bighorn
was renamed
which topic is likely to be stressed by a new western historian
the diversity of the west
those who migrated west from the late 1840s onward shared
a desire for opportunity
the morrill land grant college act was designed to promote
agricultural and technical education
how did native American maintain their resistance even after the conclusion of armed conflict with euro American settlers
by maintaining their culture
the English author William blackmore considered the demise of native American to be inevitable and he
**** saw them as giving way to a higher and more civilized race
in the west, the industrial revolution took the form of railroads and
the central pacific railroad began its work on the transcontinental railroad in
It took months for US troops to capture a small band of apaches led by
Sarah Winnemucca advocated for
the maintenance of Indian cultures
All of the following contributed o native Americans difficulties in resisting the encroachments of Americans except
**** the decimation of the buffalo on which many depended
what happened at wounded knee, south Dakota in 1890
more than 200 hundred Sioux ghost dancers were slaughtered
Indian boarding schools established under the Dawes Severalty act operated on the principle of “kill the Indian and save the man”
Annie Oakley completely discredited Victorian ideals of femininity
Though western farmers generally benefited from the railroads, the passage of granger laws in the 1870s revealed tension in the relationship
East finally met West on May 10 1869 when the transcontinental railroad was completed
The battle of Little Bighorn was a crushing defeat for Custer and his men, but propaganda in the east nevertheless portrayed the American soldiers as valiant
mark twains major novels, the adventures of tom sawyer and the adventures of huckleberry finn, incorporated common western themes
until 1900,railroads were unique to the eastern united states
The American cowboy owes much of his culture and traditions to Mexican vaqueros
Artists and intellectuals of the nineteenth century romanticized the image of cowboys as rugged individuals
Native American children initially resented boarding schools, but most eventually came to value their education there
Notably excluded from this photograph celebrating the completion of the transcontinental railroad were
the Chinese laborers who helped build it
All of the following tribes lived on the great plains expect the
Which statement best describes the native american tribes that lived west of the mississippi
a wide spectrum of tribes had successfully adapted to a variety of environments
As seen in this photograph, Annie oakley was typically portrayed as
combining feminine beauty with masculine strength
what was the purpose of the annual long drives
to bring cattle to market
What do films such as dances with wolves and unforgiven represent
sorrowful memorials to the closing of the american frontier
what caused hardships for wheat farmers on the plains in the 1800s
agricultural competition from foreign nations
who profited most from western mining booms
corporate mining operations
Which of the following indicates that the social status of the white man in this picture was higher than that of the other cowboys
his standing in the foreground
The second Fort Laramie treaty was violated when
gold was discovered in the black hills
The grangers were members of a society of
western farmers
annie oakley was born and raised in
Americans generally viewed buffalo as
obstacles to development
as a results of the dawes severalty act
native Americans lost a large portion of their land
The monument commemorating the native american who fell at the battle of little bighorn celebrates the unity of sioux, cheyenne, and araphaho warriors even as it symbolically protrays
how Americans have relied on an incomplete and overly simplistic understanding of the history of the American west
In counting coup, Plains warriors earned respect by
confronting the enemy at very close range
According to his Frontier Thesis, Frederick Jackson Turner proposed all of the following of the western frontier except that
it contributed to the creation of a classless society
how did helen hunt jackson call attention to the unjust treatment of native americans
by writing a book
In the sand creek massacre
American forces slaughtered peaceful Cheyenne
How did the railroad benefit western farmers most
It enabled them to get their products to market
Charles Russell’s painting The Herd Quitters could BEST be viewed as symbolizing what view of the West
as a place of heroism, daring and manly individualism
The homestead act
granted land to settlers willing and able to farm the land for five years
Mark Twain’s novels were marked by their celebration of
adventure and individualism
The main goal of the Dawes Severalty act was
Much of the culture of the American cowboy was derived from the traditions of which group
The invention of barbed wire was a boon to open-range ranchers
The “Exodusters” were African Americans who moved West to escape violence and poverty in the South
Native American possessions shrank rapidly from 1850 to 1890
Whereas mining in the West was devastating to the environment, western agriculture was generally beneficial to ecosystems
The Frontier Thesis of Frederick Jackson Turner challenged many romantic notions of the West that prevailed in the nineteenth century
The American cowboy owes much of his culture and traditions to Mexican vaqueros
Pueblo society was noted for its
agriculture and trade with Mexican ranchers
Where did cattle ranching and cattle drives originate
American forces commanded by George Armstrong Custer were overwhelmed in
the Battle of Little Bighorn
the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroad companies relied heavily on the low-paid and difficult work done by
Irish and Chinese immigrants
What conflict came to symbolize the brutality associated with the conquest of the West
the Wounded Knee Massacre
Posters encouraging migration, such as this one, associated prosperity with
land ownership

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