The bell rang the last bell I’m getting to hear. As I was thinking of it felt like it was yesterday I can still feel the nervousness of first day of high school and today the last year of high school turn into the last day. The mixed feeling of freedom and letting go the dependence. It feels like four years has passed by within a blink of eye. The moment that makes you feel damn, this is it! These were the best four years of my life.

No more waking up at six rush yourself before they close the gate or buttering up the teachers so they take your late assignment or making fun of that weird kid in the class or be in that one class everyday just to stare at your crush . These unforgettable moments will remember by now as unforgettable memories. The day started out like any other day but the very little things suddenly make me hit in my mind saying I will miss it a lot. The only day in high school year when I wasn’t keep checking time time as it wasn’t going slow like any other day .

The last class we had together even though the day was ending like any other day while saying good bye somewhere we all felt like is it the last good bye? We all started the high school as teenage and it’s about the time we stepping into the adulthood. It was still had to believe we are actually graduating next week. When the teacher ended the class not with good bye of see next day but the actual good bye I looked in the empty class and it felt like nothing changed only I don’t have to come back anymore. The feeling was tremendously surreal.

All the hard work, exams and putting all the effort was for making this day to come now when I’m actually facing it isn’t really I thought what it would be. When I entered the cafeteria I suddenly realize I will be not seeing my high school as the same way anymore I’m actually not coming back after the summer like every other year. As I looked around me I felt I will be not a part of this anymore maybe this is the last laugh with my friends together here. I will not have to wait in the long line or getting paranoid friends making fun of me or fighting over the stupid things ever.

When these were things made my high school years fun and alive for me and I will not ever have these moments back in my life. In this one moment so many things seems to be changed and so many things will be changed. But some changes are good new place, new school, new friends, new dreams and a totally new world I’m going to enter. Even though there’s a week left for graduation I can already feel the taste of it and how it’s going to be. The last time I will be the part of my high school life and no longer to looking back here.

All these years when I actually wanted to graduate already and started off a new beginning, until this moment came i didn’t I will never have my high school life back and every little things of it that I’m so used to. I’m so used of coming back here seeing everyone and everything and be a part of it every day. To capture the feeling at the last class of the day I took pictures with possibly every friend in the class and the best teachers I have so that I can cherish the moment and end it as a good memory.

As I was looking at the pictures with all these amazing bunch of stupid faces and mentors are we going to see each in the future and have a moment to take pictures like it? Or will have the same feeling for each other their behavior and their way of treating and greeting. Are you we actually going to keep our promises? Never think of it this way as I was so used to see my friends’ everyday like my second family. While I figured this was the place that kept us to be together.

As I keep my mind to not think of it and have the best last day of my school year I hugged my friends and say goodbye with a smile on my and see everyone at the graduation day and feel the excitement of it. I actually made it through last day of my high school! Just a week a! Just a week and I will start my independent journey on college and a step ahead toward my dream. Not everyone may had the best years in their high school but I had the most remarkable four years I want to live back again. Class of 2013 you will be deeply missed!