Gun control issue has been a hot topic all over the world where many ideas has been raised by different individuals and groups. The solution which is held by many people is that of gun activists who suggest that all guns should be taken away from all citizens, where nobody except the law enforcement agencies should be allowed to own guns. In my own opinion this solution cannot work. If this idea cannot work, which is the solution to this problem?

Solution to gun control

Getting rid of guns will not be a solution because those who misuse guns are criminals who do not what law states and thus it will be difficult to take guns out of their hands (Wilson, 2006). According to me, the main solution to this problem is allowing citizens to own guns. However, there should be a legal requirement which citizens must have in order to own a gun. One, they must be of legal age for example twenty years and above and they should be mentally fit. They should not be drug abusers or associated with any criminal group, they should not have any criminal record.

In order to implement this solution I can suggest for introduction of National system which will be responsible of issuing guns. The body will be monitoring all the guns and their owners and thus it will be easy to track all guns wherever they are and how they are being used. The national system will come up with the rules that those who own guns should adhere to. One of the rule should be parents with guns should keep them out of reach of children.


In conclusion, I strongly support this idea and if implemented it will be a lusting solution to this problem. The idea has worked well in Switzerland, so is not a hard idea to implement. More research should be done to improve this idea, for example instead of using technology for other things, experts should come up with a system where the gun owner is the only one who can use that gun and thus stolen guns will be of no use.


Wilson, H. L. (2006). Guns, gun control, and elections: The politics and policy of firearms. Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littlefield.