GLY 1880 Topic 11

An increase in atmospheric aerosols can cause the atmosphere to cool
At the time of the Tambora eruption what colonial power was in control of the territory?
Which of the following eruptions involved the greatest volume of erupted material?
No trace has ever been found of the village of Tambora, buried by the eruption
Which volcanic eruption was the largest explosive eruption of the last 100,000 years?
the highest eruptions clouds from Tambora reached a maximum altitude of
A great deal of our information about the eruption of Tambora comes from the Lt. Governor of the territory who was
Thomas Raffles
What type of volcano is Tambora?
The release of huge quantities of this gas by Tambora caused acid rain over a large area
Were it not for the cold Swiss summer following the Tambora eruption, John William Polidori may not have introduced this genre of creatures to the world
The volcanic activity at Tambora is a consequence of subduction into what nearby trench?
The Tambora increase in atmospheric aerosols was preserved and measured in
ice cores
Today Tambora has a very prominent, large and deep caldera
The largest number of casualties from the Tambora eruption were from what?
a tsunami
Livestock deaths are often reported because of fluorine poisoning near the sites of volcanic eruptions
The large eruption columns of Tambora were of this style
Some of the landscape sunsets of this srtist appear to have been inspired by the colorful sunsets following the Tambora eruption
William Turner
The volcano of Tambora is on an island, one of many belonging to this island archipelago country
How does the Tambora eruption rank in terms of the greatest loss of life (directly or indirectly) from a volcanic eruption?
Tambora’s last large eruption occured what year?
The summer of 1816 was so cold that it is known as
“the year without summer”
The greatest volume of erupted material from tambora was
Months after the Tambora eruption, large quantities of this material were found floating thousands of kilometers from Tambora
Dry fog is
caused by large concentrations of aerosols in the atmosphere
Mary Shelley began this famous book while the guest of Lord Byron during the cold Swiss summer following the Tambora eruption
The Modern Prometheus of Frankenstein
Scientists believe the pyroclastic flows/surges of Tambora were caused by
collapse of the eruption column
In the vicinity of Tambora, post-eruption problems for local populations did not include
cold conditions
What caused the deadly tsunami associated with the Tambora Eruption?
pyroclastic flows on the ocean
A book titled “The last great subsistence crisis in the Western World” refers to the period after the Napoleonic Wars and the climate problems caused by the eruption of
Which of the following contribute to the aerosol content of the atmosphere
all of these
Increasing atmospheric aerosols can cause a decrease in rainfall

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