GLY 1102 Topic 12

US scientist obtain most of their funding from which one of the following sources?
the national science foundation.
Licences are often required for import and export of equipment and fossils.
The Mygatt-Moore Quarry shown in the video is located
on the Utah-Colorado border
The process of dinosaur excavation begins by marking out the site to be excavated.
The outer layers of plaster jacket can be removed with a chisel and hammer, but the inside layers must be removed using more precise tools such as a
dental cutting wheel.
At modern dinosaur excavation sites, the area being excavated is divided into a measured grid so the location and position of all bones can be recorded.
Dinosaur bones with numerous fractures are stabilized prior to removal from the excavation site by
brushing with a synthetic glue on them
By downloading topographic maps to GPS unit you can plot your route and position on a topographic map in real time.
In the field, jacketed bones are isolated on a pedestal to____
facilitate turning them over
Which of the following tools are used to remove sedimentary rock from around dinosaur bones?
all of these) chisels, icepicks, screwdrivers, scrappers)
Heavy equipment(backbones, bulldozers, etc.) is never used to remove thick sequences of overburden covering dinosaur bones.
regions of topographic maps with contours close together represent:
steeper topography than regions where they are widely spaced.
topographic maps do not provide information about:
the age of surface rocks.
____is the mass of sediment sitting atop the dinosaur skeleton.
_____are used to assist in looking for fossils in the overburden
Geologic maps are useful in identifying rocks of the Mesozoic age for examination of dinosaur remains.
Dinosaur remains are typically found
on slopes where there is active erosion
Park visitors are allowed to collect fossils and rocks in some of the Nation Park System.
Topographic maps reveal changes in elevation, roads, trails, structures, political boundaries, springs, wells, etc.
Most museums no longer mount the original dinosaur bone but make cast in fiberglass or other resins.

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