Global warming is the increase in average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans over time. Most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities, especially the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide gas. In recent years, extreme heat waves caused more than 20000 deaths in Europe. Also, melting icebergs and rising sea levels are observed. Global warming is a crucial problem in the world, it may lead to disastrous consequences such as extinction of animals, economic damage and reduced food security if not tackled properly.

Global warming can be tackled successfully with the cooperation of all parties. There are measures taken by different parties to tackle the problem of global warming. A growing number of socially responsible industries and organizations are doing their part for environment conservation. For example, multi-national organizations like Wal-Mart are taking the lead in green makeovers to improve efficiency and corporate image. Also, car companies now produce CNG vehicles and hybrid cars, install catalytic converters into cars, or use unleaded petrol to make cars more environmental friendly to reduce global warming.

These corporations go green as they see real profit in it and not just to ‘appease’ anybody. Thus, since companies are profit-driven, global warming can be tackled successfully as producers will have more motivation in doing such acts to protect the environment. In addition, governments of different countries are making an international effort in protecting our environment. There have been many ongoing summits to address the problem of global warming.

For example, the Montreal Protocol to Control the Substances (CFCs) that deplete the ozone layer is one of the most successful treaties. This proves that measures such as treaties can work if the international community stay committed to save the environment. Therefore, global warming can be successfully tackled if the global community takes part actively in protecting the environment. On the other hand, some may say that we have had many protocols in the past which are ineffective in combating global warming, thus we would not be able to tackle global warming successfully.

For example, the Copenhagen Summit was unsuccessful as there was the lack of political will of countries to understand, recognize and accept scientific evidence and the worldwide daily havoc that is testimony of the reality of climate change. However, in the recent years, more countries are changing their attitude towards global warming and showing commitment towards fixing the problem. For example, European and Asian foreign ministers have agreed to set a deadline to complete negotiations on a new international climate change pact to limit greenhouse gases.

Also, ASEAN countries are committed to resolve recurring haze problems in Indonesia. Thus, there is an increased effort and participation of countries recently. Therefore, if we continue as such, global warming can be tackled successfully. In conclusion, as the global society is working as a whole to protect the environment, using measures such as signing of treaties, summits and protocols, global warming can be successfully tackled.