FSA Writing Terms Review

A response to the counterclaim; explains why the other argument is not valid or important. Located at the end of the counterclaim. It is the beginning of the claim for the body paragraph.
A word or group of words that signal a change in topics or claims. Can be placed at the beginning of a sentence or the middle of a sentence.
Elaboration of the evidence in a body paragraph. An analysis should list specific/concrete examples that prove the evidence connects to the topic sentence of the paragraph.
Quoted or paraphrased text that is in a body paragraph to support a claim.
The title of an article or the author’s last name. Citations can be mentioned before evidence or written in parentheses after evidence.
Topic Sentence
Topic + Claim = Topic Sentence
Located at the beginning of a paragraph.
The first sentence of a paragraph that asserts a fact or argument.
A plan that includes the thesis, topic sentences, evidence, analysis, and restated thesis. The most important step of planning an essay. Outlines the “skeleton” of an essay.
Text marking
Underlining important information in each paragraph of a text.
Text mapping
Argument: Creating a pro/con chart that includes a topic, claim, and evidence from a text. All texts can be combined in one map.

Informative: A separate set of notes that includes a topic, claim, and evidence from the text. All texts receive their own map.

A format for a body paragraph that includes a topic sentence, introduction to a quote, quoted evidence, and an analysis.
A format for a body paragraph that includes a topic sentence, paraphrased evidence, an analysis, and closing.
The first paragraph of any essay that includes background information about a topic and a thesis.
The last paragraph of any essay that includes a restatement of the thesis.
The last sentence of the introduction paragraph that states the topic and claim of the essay and reasons (claims to body paragraphs).
1-2 sentences that discusses the opposing argument, located at the beginning of the second body paragraph or written as the third body paragraph.

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