Franklin Book Report Essay, Research Paper

Amanda Culver

HIST 328

Book Review 1

Benjamin Franklin lived a extremely productive life as a pressman ( every bit good as going an esteemed solon ) and he practiced populating modestly, candidly and diligently. In his autobiography, written as a missive to his boy, Franklin describes how he lived his life with a strong work ethic and moral character. Benjamin Franklin & # 8217 ; s autobiography illustrates some of the ideal facets of the national character that we think of when asked to explicate what the character of America is.

Franklin wrote his autobiography as a missive to his boy to depict his life and how he went from a wick-dipper to a well-thought-of member of early American society. He began with a slightly elaborate history of his household from three hundred old ages prior to composing the autobiography. He explained the traditions of male parents engendering their boies into different trades. He was bred into wick-dipping, but did non like this, so he decided to interrupt away from tradition to follow what he found more to his involvements. He was his brother & # 8217 ; s learner in a print store in Boston, which led to his hereafter in Philadelphia. This demonstrates the American ideals of chance and prosecuting 1s desires for more fulfilling callings.

Franklin worked really diligently throughout his life, largely because he was raised to hold a strong work moral principle. His ethic for utilizing most of his twenty-four hours for working on non merely the twenty-four hours & # 8217 ; s undertakings, but how he could make something good. This shows that with finding, an impact can be made on society. This is besides an facet of the American character that we like to believe in when we think about our positive properties.

Not merely

did Franklin populate diligently with a strong work ethic, he believed in life really modestly. Franklin’s dietetic wonts, in peculiar, were really modest. He ate merely what he needed for each repast and drank merely H2O. He believed that surplus in nutrient made one’s organic structure slow and imbibing intoxicant made for slow marbless. This is a pattern that is non practiced as much in our state as it may hold been in Franklin’s twenty-four hours. This is rather unfortunate because one could likely be more persevering in all facets of life if one is diligent in diet and imbibe. This was one of Franklin’s beliefs that aided him in going a really of import figure in early American history. His work ethic and diligence seemed to stem from his basic, simple being.

Franklin & # 8217 ; s spiritual beliefs were besides really simple. He believed in God and knew that he owed his being and his success to Him, but he did non idolize excessively profoundly. Franklin did non go to church services on a regular basis ; he preferred to utilize his clip on Lord’s daies to work in private. He knew that he didn & # 8217 ; t necessitate to travel to services to believe in God. He besides knew that religion can merely take a individual so far and that difficult work finishes the occupation. He was honorable with people about his beliefs and his work ethic. He did non conceal behind anything and he told people what he thought of them, society, everything.

Benjamin Franklin was an first-class illustration of the ideal American character. He was educated in many topics, most significantly that of life and how to populate it modestly, candidly and diligently. If Americans were to endeavor for excellence, they may desire to look toward Franklin & # 8217 ; s illustration for a starting point and counsel. He is one of the first people one would come up with when asked for an illustration of the ideal American character.