Formal Letter This is a formal letter used to send information out to external parties. This specific letter is used to engage students in an exciting opportunity and potential career option. Letters are used by all in the public services and this letter that I have has been given is used by someone in the armed forces as they need to tell the headmasters about an excellent challenge for their students.

Letters like this are used to inform someone about a meeting that will end up being hipping at a specific time and time and where it will probably be at. In the RAFF this will be a typical kind of communication that they would employ to inform sobre another of crucial dates coming up, in the typical day an email-based would suffice.

Firstly about this letter the Sergeant sending it truly is highlighted in daring this is thus it could possibly get the readers attention right away and the visitor would want to continue to read it, that will also demonstrate who they want to respond to to acquire the time out for their very own students and in that case beneath it states that it is through the RAFF so this kind of is letting the person know wherever the letter comes from and who they actually are, and then below this there is definitely other information regarding wherever the letter will probably be sent off to and who can be eating the letter, this details will let the individual that is providing it know wherever it needs to go to as it gets the street name plus the post code.

Secondly they may have information regarding the person which it has recently been sent to each uses lines to break up it up in order that they page appears better and the information will probably be much easier to read, Tony divides it up as they does not desire someone to feel that there will be lots of information to read through which often puts readers off reading it as they think it is going to be too much, and too much effort. This also would get the readers to view the letter as the reader will think it is important and will want to know the information that he has written in on the letter.