Flat Pattern Drafting

quarter scale pattern
a pattern drawn at one-fourth of its usable size
pencils, eraser, tape, shears
basic office supplies used to draft patterns
metal ruler
tool used to draw straight pattern lines
pattern notcher
tool used to cut notches in a pattern
tool used to punch holes in a pattern at specific location points ( pocket placement )
tracing wheel and paper
tools used to transfer markings from one pattern to another or from a pattern to fabric
grainline arrow
pattern symbol used to indicate where to place the pattern on the fabric
round off points
the process of using a curve rule to soften a point when drafting a pattern ( usually done at the hip )
a cut into the seam allowance using a pattern notcher which is later used to match the correct pattern pieces together
to cut or slit a pattern during its construction being careful not to cut through the end mark or the pieces nay fall apart
extra amount added to the measurements for wearing ease and comfort ( room to tuck in a shirt )
french curve
a curved ruler used to draw curves at the waist, hips, neckline, armhole, etc.
close the dart
to tape a dart closed as it would be when it is sewn; usually done when drafting a facing pattern
tape measure
a flexible tool used to take accurate body measurements
seam gauge
a 6″ ruler helpful when adding seam allowances
to move
mathematical calculations
preformed on body measurements prior to pattern drafting
seam allowance
amount added around pattern to make a seam
flat pattern drafting
the process of using accurate body measurement, preforming math calculations, and drawing a pattern to be used for clothing construction
alpha-numeric drafting paper
paper with a 1″ grid of letters and numbers used to draw patterns
tool used to draw perpendicular pattern lines ( at right angles )
body measurements
measurements taken at specific locations on a body using a tape measure which are then used to draft a custom pattern
used in pattern drafting directions or as labels on a pattern piece ( CF=center front, CB=center back, SS=side seam, Pc=piece
square a line
to draw a line at a right angle to the given line
full scale pattern
a pattern which is the correct size for human use

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