five paragraph essay

Five-paragraph essay format
is a system for organizing essays and research papers.
The format consists of:
*body paragraphs
*concluding paragraph
The first paragraph of the essay, it introduces your topic.* The first sentence should either be a hook (something to draw your readers into your essay or report) or the thesis statement for your paper.
* It includes background or in some other way leads into your topic.
*A thesis statement must be included in the introduction
Thesis Statement
One sentence that lets the audience know about what you will be writing
* It briefly states your points in the order in which they will be presented in the body of your paper.
* It is not a question.
* It does not begin with, “I will be writing about…”
* It should be either the first or last sentence in your introductory paragraph.
* It will help you keep your writing on topic.
body paragraphs
: The meat of your essay or report
* The standard number of body paragraphs for five- paragraph format is three.
*The minimum number of body paragraphs one can have is one.*Each body paragraph must include a good topic sentence to let the reader know what will be covered in the paragraph.
* Every topic sentence must relate to the thesis statement for the paper.
* Everything in a body paragraph must relate to its topic sentence.
*Use good transition words within and between paragraphs to move from one subtopic to the next( after, then, however, therefore, meanwhile, etc).
The closing paragraph for your paper
* The first sentence of the conclusion should be a rephrased version of your thesis statement.* You should summarize your body paragraphs, present some call to action (for persuasive paper) or tie up loose ends in this paragraph.
* The closing paragraph should show clearly that the paper is ending.
* It should not include any new information.

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