Expense and U.S. Immigration Customs

Purpose: To provide quality training for the new audit compliance system there will be necessary expenditures. This memo will present the final budget proposal these expenditures include but are not limited to: wages, materials, travel expenses, and training materials. Steps have been put in place to minimize the overall cost of the training but not at the cost of quality of the project. Budgetary Numbers: Humane Resources Cost: While the U. S. Immigration Customs Enforcement has many internal resources that will be used to make this training successful but there are certain task that must be outsourced.

The internal resource includes one resource from project management, two resources from the training department, two resources from human resources, and two subject matter specialist from the IT department. External resources include three resources from a printing company and two resources from a travel agency. The overall cost of the wages for the human resources to complete the training project total $9,700 dollars. Material Resources Cost: Material costs include the materials for training packages, note-taking materials, and registration material.

The material and printing cost are estimated at $1000. Traveling Expenses: The Human Resource Department has identified 25 branch managers that will be required to attend the training. The travel expenses will include round-trip airfare, two night hotel stays, and transportation to and from the hotel. Airfare is estimated at $250 per person for round trip economy tickets. Airfare costs total are estimated at $6,300 dollars. Hotel room rates are estimated at $125 at night based on single occupancy. The estimated totals for hotel cost are $6,500.

The transportation costs for the trainees is estimated at $500 dollars a day totaling $1000 dollars. The total overall traveling expenses are estimated at $14,000 dollars. Catering Expenses: The catering and food expenses include a per diem for the travel day of $50 per person totaling $1250 dollars. On the two training days we have arranged a catering company for breakfast and lunch. This catering cost is estimated at $1500. We have also arranged group dinners at a local restaurants for both nights estimated at $500 per night totaling $1000 dollars.

The total cost of food and catering expenses are $3800 for all three days. Budget Table: Below is a simple budget table totaling the above estimates. Budgetary Items Cost Human Resource $9,700 Material $1,000 Traveling Expense $14,000 Catering & Food $3,800 Total: $28,5000 Conclusion: With the estimated budget numbers summarized above it is believed the U. S. Immigration Customs Enforcement can successfully complete the audit compliance system. The project manager and project team will do everything in its power to control cost and minimize expenses without sacrificing the quality of the training itself.

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