Are euglena multi or unicellular
kingdom Protista
What kingdom are euglena a part of
What phylum are they
Are euglena heterotrophic or autotrophic
Do all euglena have chloroplasts
Trap sunlight that is used for photosynthesis
What does the chloroplasts do
Rod-like structures through out the cell
What do chloroplasts look like
At the anterior end and detects light to gather for photosynthesis
Where is an euglena’s eyespot located & what does it do
Absorbing them through their cell membrane
How do euglena get nutrients from their environment
They become heterotrophic
What happens when they can’t photosynthesize
What do euglena have outside their cell membrane
Helps keep their shape
What does the pellicle do
Quiet ponds or puddles
Where do euglena usually live
By a flagellum
How do euglena move
It rotates in such a way to pull the cell through the water
What does the flagellum do
A long whip-like structure and it’s attached at an inward pocket called the reservoir
What does the flagellum look like & where is it attached
In the center of the cell
Where is the euglena’s nucleus located
It contains the cells DNA and controls the cell’s activities
What does the nucleus contain and what does it control
Within the nucleus
Where is the nucleolus located
What is the jelly like substance inside the cell called
Contractile vacuole
What is the star shaped organelle near the posterior end of the euglena called
The anterior end
Which end is the flagellum located on
Autotrophic- make their own food

Heterotrophic- must consume food

What is the definition of autotrophic and heterotrophic

Absorbing nutrients through their environment

What are two ways euglena get nutrients
The cell would explode from all of the extra water
What would happen if the euglena didn’t have contractile vacuoles

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