English test 1

Eric Scholsser
Kid Kustomers
Purpose of daughter of invention
fitting in with culture, adaptation, more then one opinion can be right
Purpose of superman and me
importance of books, stereotype, “Indians are stupid”, books saved him
Purpose of just walk on by
men under stereotype, racial prejudice and discrimination
Purpose of what’s eating america
over-use of nitrogen/corn, we need to build a more diversified agriculture
Purpose of dumpster diving
humans are becoming selfish and unappreciative, we need to not take things for granted, become for useful because a homeless guy feels bad for us because we have lost all of our morals and values
Purpose of curbing natures paparazzi
abuse of animals for good photos, photographers take pictures of species that are endangered making it seem that they arnt, (no one takes a picture of a plain tree where there are no more baboons)
Purpose of kid kustomers
marketing is directed towards kids, children spend more time watching TV and on the computer then any other activity except sleeping, allowing us to be victimized by ads. Ex. JOE CAMEL J
the writers attitude towards the material and or the reader
Auto biography
1st person, a history of a persons life written or told by that person
1st person, a record of events written by a person having intimate knowledge of them and based on personal observation, ex. My reaction to 911
3rd person, account of a persons life written by someone else
Narrative essay
short composition that relates a true story from 1st or 3rdpoints of view
Informative nonfiction
textbook, essays, speeches, letters, and news articles
Expository essay
offers info about a topic
Persuasive essay
promotes an opinion or position
Julia Alvarez
Daughter Of Invention
Sherman Alexie
Superman and Me
Brent Staples
Just Walk On By
Michael Pollan
What’s Eating America
Lars Eighner
Dumpster Diving
Bill Mckibben
Curbing Nature’s Paparazzi

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