There were more than 6200 languages were in the world and around 2700 languages are being spoken in current modern world. In India we have more than 400 languages prevailing in recent days. Though each part of the people has their own Mother tongue, there is a common language that bridges the entire nation. Next to Hindi, English plays a vital role in bridging the people not only in India across the globe for sure. I am going to enlighten its position in India today in brief. May be little more.

English has got a significant place in Indian society. It is the language of the elite class. Generally, English is used in official communication in the country. It is the language of research and advancement. It is the language of computer and Internet. English has come to be accepted as a foreign language in India. It deserves to be given a special position over any other foreign languages like Russian, Spanish, German etc. , Because.. (i) It is a world language. Indians (we) have had contacts with this language for more than 150 years.

We had been ruled by British government quite longer period than any other who established the strong base for English in our Country Role of English in India As we all know that English sets a greater degree to grow ourselves in all the industries nowadays. It has its unique identity and importance in our Educational systems. English helps to compete in the market with other regional peoples across the world. Why Indians become powerful in IT sectors, Research & Science, Defense, Medicine. We not only have enough knowledge, we also have great fluency of English spoken compares to others.

In India a child starts his/her education in English medium. It is a view among the citizens that a child’s bright future lays in good knowledge of English. All the standard texts and study materials are available in English. An English speaking person is regarded as a scholar and an intelligent person. There are several institutions where subjects are taught only in English. The importance of English is increasing day by day.

English readership is increasing. It shows aptitude for English knowledge. People prefer English to other languages. It is accepted as an international language. It is seen as a symbol of elegance and smartness. English speaking is a sign of status. It adds to the personality of a person. Its place in India is momentous. English is becoming popular every day. There is a craze for English in Indian society. In this age of information technology one cannot think of making progress without the knowledge of English. There is an awakening in society towards the learning of English. Our government too has awakened to the importance of English in education curricula. English has been introduced in syllabi right from the early stage.

More and more institutions have been opened in for English teaching and learning. English medium schools are thriving even in backward parts of the country. They aired exploiting this rising popularity of English. They are making good money. Today, even a low income family seeks to educate its children in an English medium school. We cannot think of success at the cost of ignoring English. The key to success lies in English learning. Even at higher level English is the medium of instruction. English is the medium of the research and technology. All the research and studies are done in English.

Whether it is defense, aviation, airlines, research and technology, institutions of higher studies or foreign affairs, the medium of learning and instruction is English. Whatever the future of English may be in India, one thing is certain. In India, as in other countries, English will maintain-quite probably increase-its immense usefulness as a library language. In fact, English as an important ‘library language’ would play a vital role in higher education. No student should be considered as qualified for a degree, in particular, a Master’s degree, unless he has acquired a reasonable proficiency in English.