In this essay, I will be analysing the detail of spoken language used in the interview between Jamie Oliver and Michael Parkinson. This interview will take place in the BBC one studio with an live audience Which may suggest that this interview is not planned. The purpose of this interview is to retrieve vital information from Jamie Oliver and entertain the viewers of the show ( including the audience) Jamie oliver is one of the biggest chiefs in great Britain and he is well know for his tv shows focused on cooking.

Throughout the show, Michael Parkinson will be the interviewer who may have planned the questions before hand and he is all well known for his tv talk shows. We see that Jamie Oliver and Michael Parkinson has a strong and respectful relationship. This is shown through the expenditure of spoken language and the interest they provide. This is repeatedly shown through the word “Yeah” Which shows that Michael Parkinson has taken in and understood what Jamie Oliver was talking about. The word “yeah” has a lot of affects, As it makes Jamie Oliver feel respected which makes his motivated to say more and talk more in detail.

Further more we see that there are constant nodding to show their acknowledgement and understanding. Jamie oliver adapts his language to collaborative the interview by talking about his desire for his tv shows and how his restaurant became a success. Jamie says , “ Um I felt very blessed with the people I had the chance to work with. ” This highlights how blissful and positive Jamie became. As we magnify into the word “Blessed” Reinforces how much this meant to him, Which has almost change his life over from becoming uneducated to one of the most famous and richest in Britain.

He is also known worldwide for his wonderful cook books. furthermore he is happy In conclusion Michael Parkinson has control over the interview beside Jamie oliver talking more than him. This is because Michael Parkinson was the interviewer who is the main person asking questions and retrieving the information. Spoken language has been used in this interview for many purposes: Examples : To inform, Entertain and respect one onother. This was a successful interview as the audiences was fulfilled with laughter and entertained by the experiences Jamie olver has been going through.