English Jane Eyre Characters

Her drinking sometimes allows Bertha to escape
Grace Poole
Beautiful on the outside, but not on the inside
Blanche Ingram
Jane’s only friend at Gateshead Hall
Disapproved of Jane & Rochester’s intended marriage because he/she didn’t think they were equals
Mrs. Fairfax
Hypocritical because he/she wants to take care of the sick & poor, but is selfish & tyrannical
St. John Rivers
A bully who loses family fortune; kills himself
John Reed
Interrupts the wedding
Mr. Briggs
Bertha’s brother
Mr. Mason
Daughter of a wealthy West Indies planter who tries to kill Jane
Mr. Rochester’s ward
Jane’s uncle’s widow; has custody of young Jane
Mrs. Reed
Orphan who lives at Gateshead, Lowood & Thornfield
Jane Eyre
Jane’s uncle
John Eyre
Manager/treasurer of Lowood
Mr. Brocklehurst
Rochester’s disguise
Mother Bunches
Jane’s teacher and idol at Lowood
Miss Temple
French singer who ridicules Rochester
Celene Varens
Jane’s special girlfriend at Lowood
Helen Burns
Owns Thornfield; loves Jane
Mr. Rochester
Benefactress of the Morton school; loves St. John
Rosamond Oliver

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